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[News] Discussion About Making Money from Free Software, Downloads

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What do we know about open source pricing?

,----[ Quote ]
| My first experience with open source pricing was in 2002, when I was at Red 
| Hat. I was part of team that had to set pricing for Enterprise Linux (or Red 
| Hat Advanced Server, as it was called in those early days). We consciously 
| decided to price it about 20 percent above Microsoft's equivalent Windows 
| servers, which we viewed as our major competition. Both Red Hat and Microsoft 
| aimed to convert Unix users to the Intel platform, and we felt lower pricing 
| would harm our credibility as a competitor.      
| Many will argue that Enterprise Linux succeeded because the cost of the stack 
| of Intel hardware plus Linux OS was lower than the equivalent Sparc/Solaris 
| stack, but even that aggregate cost benefit was not 80 percent or more -- nor 
| did it need to be. Today the prices at OS vendors Red Hat, Sun, and Microsoft 
| remain at about the same levels.    


Open Source Usage Statistics: BitRock Network Service, an interview with Erica

,----[ Quote ]
| GroundWork 5.3 press release says that customers benefit from using the 
| BitRock Network Service to be notified of available patches, and updates, and 
| technical bulletins.  



Investing in Penguins and Fedoras

,----[ Quote ]
| With the current recessionary environment, perhaps it’s not such a bad time
| to take a look at investing in penguins and fedoras.  When I say penguins, I
| mean Tux, the official mascot of the Linux kernel and when I say fedoras, I
| mean Red Hat, the Raleigh, NC-based provider of open source enterprise
| solutions.
| Red Hat’s a fairly unique company; one that prides itself on a corporate
| culture that promotes openness and creativity.  That’s not surprising given
| the company’s position in the world of open source software.  Open source
| contrasts itself with proprietary software, where the terms of use are
| limited by licensing agreements and the source code is not available to the
| user.


How to Create a Profitable Desktop Business for Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Does this sound a lot like Google's (GOOG) Android model? Yep. And as far as
| reports go thus far, they don't even seem to be concerned with making money
| on the Android Market itself. Android is such a great vehicle for mobile
| search, location based services, content delivery etc -- apparently that's
| plenty. And by the way, Android is founded on a Linux kernel, and there's a
| lot of buzz about it pushing up into netbooks and higher food-chain devices.
| I would think Android will end up being a highly profitable proposition for
| Google, just not in the conventional Linux distro business type of way.
| That's the mentality I believe will make a Linux desktop profitable.


Red Hat CEO: priorities and apologies part of managing

,----[ Quote ]
| Today he's CEO of Red Hat, the open-source Linux software company, where he's
| flying high. The Raleigh company's software is cheaper than proprietary
| products from rivals such as Sun Microsystems, which helped it post a 22
| percent jump in revenue in the quarter that ended in November despite the
| recession.


Red Hat's new chief: A pragmatic believer?

,----[ Quote ]
| Does the patent settlement you announced recently [with FireStar Software]
| that is consistent with the GPL mean that you are in a better position to be
| able to settle your patent dispute with Microsoft?
| [Jim Whitehurst:] The problem is that we don't know what the Microsoft
| [patent threat] is. They have said in the past that 235 patents [are
| infringed by Linux] and we have yet to see what any of them are.
| Conceptually, it should be possible but, again, we don't know what we are
| talking about there.
| When was the last time you spoke to Microsoft regarding patents?
| [Jim Whitehurst:] I am sure, as a company, we have an ongoing dialogue on a
| lot of things. I have had dialogue at a senior level, but it has been more on
| how we can work better on interoperability for customers; I haven't had any
| direct conversations around the patent issue.


Red Hat Fedora Claims It's the Leader in Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Red Hat's Fedora community Linux distribution has now tallied its user base,
| and it's a number that on the surface would make it the largest installed
| base of any Linux distribution, with at least 9.5 million users and possibly
| as many as 10.5 million.

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