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[News] LynuxWorks Releases New Linux Variant

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LynuxWorks' BlueCat® 5.6 to Accelerate Development of Next-Gen Portable Devices
With Intel® AtomTM Processors

,----[ Quote ]
| LynuxWorks™, Inc., a world leader in the embedded software market, today 
| announced its BlueCat 5.6 Linux operating system will help accelerate 
| development of next-generation mobile communications devices by supporting 
| the latest versions of the Intel® Atom™ processor Z5xx series platform, which 
| includes industrial temperature range options. These new platform options, 
| combined with the open source Linux flexibility of BlueCat, enables 
| developers to quickly design and manufacture ultra portable, low-power 
| fanless applications deployed in unconstrained thermal environments.        



Embedded Linux and FPGAs Accelerate Embedded Software Development

,----[ Quote ]
| BlueCat Linux represents a highly stable, commercial-grade embedded operating
| system. BlueCat is available integrated with the Xilinx(R) EDK(TM) for
| support of the available PowerPC and MicroBlaze cores. The Xilinx EDK
| provides a rich feature set for developing BlueCat Linux applications and
| configuring custom BSPs using Xilinx hardware designs.



Embedded Linux has more friends than you may know

,----[ Quote ]
| Sony recently announced that one of its BRAVIA LCD TV factories will double
| production from 2 million TV sets per year to 4 million to meet growing
| demand in Europe. Sony has sold more than 20 million of these TVs, and
| they're all built with embedded Linux.
| So what? Embedded Linux is no surprise. Sony and tens of thousands of other
| companies, from huge to tiny, use embedded Linux every day to deliver
| successful products in every market. That is not news.
| Ten years ago, though, embedded Linux was a surprising-even shocking-idea to
| most people. Back in 1998, fresh from victory in the RTOS industry, I
| introduced the idea of building a software company to make Linux a suitable
| OS for developing smart devices. When I told people the idea, they gawked as
| if I was a few lines short of compilable code.
| "You want to build a company on software that's available for free?" I was
| asked. "Based on the gigantically bloated Unix OS? And with some oddball GPL
| license? How fast do you expect people to kick you out of their office?"
| Every market survey showed that the demand for embedded Linux was zero. When
| we released our first product, industry experts agreed that nobody needed it.
| Embedded Linux won't work because it is "too big, too slow, and not
| real-time," said the head of one RTOS company. The president of another
| derided embedded Linux as "a royal pain in the ass," so no developer would
| ever use it.
| I took heart from a quote attributed to Mohandas Gandhi: "First they ignore
| you. Then they laugh at you. Then they fight you. Then you win."
| [...]
| Analyst firms don't agree on how many device engineers use embedded Linux,
| but they all say the number is substantial: 21% of developers use embedded
| Linux, according to last year's Embedded Systems Design survey; 36.7%,
| according to current research by Embedded Market Forecasters. This April, VDC
| reported that Linux is now the leading embedded OS. It shouldn't be
| surprising. After all, commercial Linux vendors succeed because they
| understand what design engineers are looking for.


Linux rides pillion on Mumbai city buses

,----[ Quote ]
| This triangle of devices in the bus uses ARM9 processors and runs embedded
| Linux using kernel 2.6. Having these Linux-embedded devices, says Satish
| Goriani, consultant to the technology provider Kaizen, drastically reduces
| the transaction time, and the inbuilt services in Linux, such as SSH, make it
| easy to manage them remotely. Forty buses are equipped in this way. The other
| 3,500 in the system use a more low-tech solution: a handheld device that the
| bus conductor uses to debit the smart card.

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