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[News] Kids Like Their Children-customed Ubuntu Linux

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Linux Monday: Distributions Cool and Minty

,----[ Quote ]
| This week on Linux Monday, let's look at two Ubuntu-based distributions that 
| are designed to make things easy. One's for kids, and one does a little more 
| of the setup work for you.  
| We start with the cool as in Qimo, which presumably is pronounced as in 
| es-Qimo, based on the friendly Inuit-looking fellow on the default wallpaper.  



Sakar’s Kid-Friendly Netbook: Hands On and Video

,----[ Quote ]
| The Linux OS also reminded me of the HP Mini 1000 Mi series. It has a tabbed
| interface that separates Internet  (a browser, chat client, and e-mail
| program), multimedia (painting, photos, and music, among others), and
| productivity (word processing and the like). The UI is easy enough for a
| small child to use, but the  software stack covers older kids’ needs, too.


Giving kids a fresh start with Qimo Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Taking advantage of that concept is Qimo, a desktop operating system geared
| toward kids that is based on the Ubuntu distribution of Linux. Developed by a
| husband-and-wife team Brian and Michelle Hall, Qimo was released in
| mid-February.


Open Source for kids?

,----[ Quote ]
| Edubuntu is another such program, based on the Ubuntu Linux operating system
| and aimed primarily at children in educational environments. According to the
| distribution homepage, Edubuntu is “Linux for Young Human Beings”. It has its
| unique ways that encompasses the total learning process. There is load out
| there for you to evaluate and install for your kids as they grow out of the
| programs they are currently enjoying.



19-year-old 'fast flux' botnet pioneer agrees to plead guilty

,----[ Quote ]
| The author of a Trojan that broke new ground in botnet circles has agreed to
| plead guilty to secretly infecting thousands of victims' machines so that he
| could steal their personal data and launch attacks on websites.  

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