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[News] GNU/Linux a Better Upgrade to Windows Than Windows

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Desktop Linux: Ready for the mainstream

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| In fact, I found that it makes a lot of sense to standardize office workers 
| on desktop Linux. I now understand why governments in Asia and Europe say 
| they want to get off the Microsoft train and shift to Linux. I thought these 
| were empty threats meant to get better licensing deals or to blunt some of 
| Microsoft's monopolistic power, but as it turns out, desktop Linux is a 
| worthwhile option for both public organizations and private companies. Those 
| who standardize on Linux would save serious money on the new equipment needed 
| for Vista or Windows 7, not to mention OS and Office upgrades as well. Your 
| business could, too.         
| [...]
| An easier transition from XP than going to Vista
| I set up a virtual machine on my Mac and loaded Ubuntu 8.1. (Why Ubuntu? 
| Reviewers single it out as the best desktop Linux. Many folks like Novell's 
| Suse as well. And there are other Linux choices.) It booted like a real OS, 
| with the familiar GUI of Windows XP and its predecessors and of the Mac OS: 
| icons for disks and folders, a standard menu structure, and built-in support 
| for common hardware such as networks, printers, and DVD burners.      



Microsoft Is Giving Up on Windows

,----[ Quote ]
| It's true: Microsoft has confirmed that it's abandoning Windows as we know
| it. Cagey as ever, the Microsofties won't say when it'll happen, but they
| have talked a little bit about what the next OS is going to look like--or not
| look like.
| [...]
| Midori for Linux?
| One of my smarter-than-me buddies, Gary F., told me that Linus Torvalds
| worked on something called Midori a few years ago, an embedded Linux for
| mobile devices: "I doubt Microsoft would ever release something that could be
| traced back to Linux, but if I recall correctly, Transmeta's Midori had some
| rudimentary 'cloud computing' features vaguely similar to Microsoft's
| Midori." Read "Details emerge on Transmeta's "Mobile Linux" and "Transmeta
| Exports Midori Linux to China" for details.


5 reasons to upgrade from Windows Vista to Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Windows Vista has been out for almost two years now but it still suffers from
| stability and compatibility issues, let alone an insatiable desire for
| beefier hardware. You don't have to live with it; here are five reasons why
| Linux makes a better choice for your computer.

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