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Re: [News] New Wine Released -- Safari Runs in GNU/Linux

Hadron wrote:

> Mart van de Wege <mvdwege_public@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>> Hadron <hadronquark@xxxxxxxxx> writes:
>>> Vincent <vincent.fritters@xxxxxxxxx> writes:
>>>> On Sun, 01 Mar 2009 18:05:49 +0100, Hadron wrote:
>>>>> Tony Manco <trmanco@xxxxxx> writes:
>>>>>> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>>>>>> Run Safari 4 Beta on Linux with Wine
>>>>>>> ,----[ Quote ]
>>>>>>> | The latest eye-candy beta of Safari was released earlier this
>>>>>>> | week
>>>>>>> for | Windows and Mac, but Linux users can now (mostly) use Safari
>>>>>>> 4 using the Wine | compatibility tool.
>>>>>>> `----
>>>>>>> http://lifehacker.com/5161733/run-safari-4-beta-on-linux-with-wine
>>>>>> hmm... already? Damn that was fast...
>>>>> What was? Them not releasing a Linux version?
>>>> Safari is an awful browser in my opinion. At least the Windows
>>>> version is.
>>> Be specific. Why do you think it's an "awful" browser? Because there's
>>> no Linux version?
>> Do you know how many browsers available for Linux use the very same
>> WebKit engine?
>> I guess not, since you have never been close to a Linux system anyway.
>> Mart
> What are you talking about?

That he does not believe your claims of running linux, either

Why should he? Or I, for that matter? You make so many blunders about 
linux that only "someone who does not run it" could be the explanation.
Oh, and just that you don't die without the explanation:
WebKit, the core of Safari, is available for Konqueror too (you know, that 
"70% alpha crap" according to you). It is a possible alternative render 
engine for that browser instead of KHTML
No need to run Safari under linux then

There. You don't run linux. You simply pretend doing so. And doing an 
absolutely bad job. 

You are fired
Warning: 10 days have passed since your last Windows reinstall.

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