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[News] MAFIAA is Dying for Failure to Evolve

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Massive Layoffs Hit The RIAA: Maybe Focus On Building Business Rather Than
Suing Customers Next Time?

,----[ Quote ]
| Details have been spilling out over the last few days that the RIAA has been 
| making pretty massive cuts to staff. We already knew that EMI was cutting 
| back on its support of the RIAA/IFPI, and it seems that with the rest of the 
| RIAA's major label supporters also having economic troubles, the writing is 
| on the wall that the RIAA is about to go through a major transformation.    


Why Piracy Is Not Actually A Problem For The Music Industry

,----[ Quote ]
| The post does a good job laying out the details on eight other reasons why 
| the recording industry is in trouble that have nothing to do with 
| unauthorized file sharing. Basically, there's competition from other forms of 
| media (video games, the internet) and there are more efficient markets and 
| technologies that have siphoned off some of the excess profits the industry 
| used to enjoy. It's a great list, but what it leaves out is the next step: 
| what does that actually mean for the industry. And, the answer is that if 
| they are willing to change their business model to adapt to this changing 
| market, they can do amazingly well.         



US politicians back Act to save internet radio

,----[ Quote ]
| A law that could save internet radio stations from having to make payouts
| they claim will cripple them has been approved by the US House of
| Representatives and is expected to pass into law.


Internet radio strikes deal with music Mafiaa

,----[ Quote ]
| Previously, online radio stations would pay $0.000768 for each copyrighted
| tune they played, but in 2007 the US Copyright Royalty Board (CRB) tried to
| increase that figure by up to 1,200 per cent, which sent many a well-loved
| wibblecaster scurrying for the hills.


The Internet Radio Death Watch

,----[ Quote ]
| Don't forget, vast illegal file-sharing networks are still operating just a
| few clicks away. The RIAA's legal Whac-A-Mole has barely slowed them down. If
| this unfair royalty scheme kills off legal, legitimate businesses like
| Pandora and the recently shut-down Muxtape, those users will simply go
| somewhere else. And that destination is more likely to be BitTorrent than a
| record store. The record industry may think it is killing off Internet radio,
| but it's merely opening Pandora's box.


Pandora Reaching Its Epilogue?

,----[ Quote ]
| Many are predicting the upcoming demise of the company as a result of a
| federal panel ruling ordering them to pay twice the royalties to artists that
| ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| they already were.


Pandora can't make money, may pull the plug

,----[ Quote ]
| Buckling under the weight of the Internet radio royalty hike that
| SoundExchange pushed through last July, Pandora may pull its own plug soon.
| Despite being one of the most popular Internet radio services, the company
| still isn't making money, and its founder, Tim Westergren, says it can't last
| beyond its first payment of the higher royalties


Royalty fee 'to damage net radio'

,----[ Quote ]
| Hundreds of US net radio stations face potential closure from Monday when
| they will be expected to comply with a new royalties ruling for playing
| music.
| Smaller stations face a payment increase of 1,200% while larger station could
| owe up to 300% more, lobby group SaveNetRadio has said.

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