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[News] Economic Issues Accelerate Free Software Adoption

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Downturn Speeds Adoption of Open Source, Says Sun

,----[ Quote ]
| The economic downturn has accelerated the adoption of open-source technology 
| in the region, which was gaining traction even before the global crisis. 
| Cost-effectiveness is now the critical factor in most business leaders' 
| minds.   
| The economic downturn has accelerated an existing surge of open source 
| technology adoption, said technology firm Sun Microsystems. 



Recession proofing engineering resources

,----[ Quote ]
| In challenging economic times, how do internal application development teams
| continue to deliver higher quality software and Web applications with fewer
| resources? Unlike in past economic downturns, development teams today have a
| resource they can turn to in order to lower the costs of development,
| maintain high-quality, and decrease cost of ownership for the long run: open
| source software.
| The use of open source, one of the most groundbreaking trends in the software
| industry, is more than just for experimental or for internal-use only. With
| experience in auditing billions of lines of code for Fortune 100 as well as
| start-up companies, Palamida has seen some of the most productive and
| cost-saving use of open source from market leaders across all industries.


Joe the Plumber teaches how to weather the recession with Linux and Open Source

,----[ Quote ]
| In this globally troubled time open source software - and Linux, its
| operating system poster child - has clear economic advantages. You've heard
| talk of Joe the Plumber; let me introduce his little known cousin Cain the
| CIO who’s looking to do more with less money.

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