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[News] Wintel Press Opens Linux Blog, New Audiocast Released

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Welcome to LinuxLink

,----[ Quote ]
| For as long as Linux has existed, PC World editors have watched closely as 
| the open source OS has grown and evolved from a student project at the  
| University of Helsinki into a powerful operating system available in myriad 
| distributions all around the world. And now we're proud to launch this blog 
| dedicated entirely to Linux and the world of open source software.   


The Podcast 2 - Knock on the Door

,----[ Quote ]
| This podcast was recorded at the Birmingham Ubuntu Bug Jam 2009, where local 
| users got together to have a go at fixing and triaging bugs in the Ubuntu 
| Linux distribution. Topics include the bug event, how to get involving in 
| jamming bugs, computational chemistry, sixth form homework, real ale, GNOME 
| Do, Python and many other topics.    



Linux Outlaws 78 - GNUgle

,----[ Quote ]
| This week, Dan and Fab talk about the Red Hat/Microsoft deal, the Cuban Linux
| distro, the Linux version of World of Goo and Dan reviews Sabayon 4 plus a
| lot more.


The Podcast 1 - Under the Patio

,----[ Quote ]
| The Podcast - Free/Open Source in the Midlands
| This new podcast is about Free Open source, especially what is going on in
| the English Midlands, but hopefully it will be interesting to you wherever
| you live.


Linux Outlaws 72 - Gotta Bloody Stick o' Gelignite

,----[ Quote ]
| This week we talk about the Palm Pre, the Movit Mini from GiiNii, MySQL
| developers not being welcome in Australia, iTunes going DRM-free and we also
| bring you an interview with Campbell Barton of Big Buck Bunny fame.
| If you have any feedback on the show, please leave it in the forums — thread
| for this episode.


Linux Outlaws 71 - Evil@Home

,----[ Quote ]
| MP3 - 1 hour 36 minutes 42 seconds, 44.4 MB — you can also download all our
| episodes in both MP3 and Ogg Vorbis format from the Outlaw Archives.

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