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[News] More Software Comes to GNU/Linux (to Disable Software)

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Linux ISVs gain tool to uncover lost license revenue

,----[ Quote ]
| One traditional benefit of Linux has been that it is available free of charge 
| and comes with a rich array of software that is also free. An argument for 
| the adoption of Linux has always been that users can have all the software 
| they need without having to either fork out cash or resort to piracy.   
| Yet, this isn’t to say commercial software is anathema to Linux. In fact, 
| quite the opposite. Previously I’ve covered just how people make money out of 
| open source and how free software isn’t the same thing as freeware.  



Microsoft "learning" from WGA failures, but the lesson should be: kill it

,----[ Quote ]
| The other problem with WGA is that its very name is oxymoronic: there is no 
| advantage for users who pass WGA's tests. Microsoft attempted to add a carrot 
| to go with its WGA stick by tying it to certain products (such as the first 
| releases of Internet Explorer 7—subsequent versions have had their WGA 
| requirement removed), but for all intents and purposes, passing a WGA check 
| brought no additional benefits to the end user. Fixing WGA's flaws may not be 
| enough here: Microsoft should really take a long, hard look at whether or not 
| WGA is really necessary at all.       


Microsoft WGA validation servers down 

,----[ Quote ]
| It just goes to show that MS DRM infections and inbuilt malware are 
| unacceptable. If you buy anything with activation, you are simply wasting 
| money. Avoid Vista like the plague, it simply isn't worth it. If today is not 
| a warning sign in big red letters, I don't know what is.   


Windows users: Get Ready for a Long Weekend

,----[ Quote ]
| The discussion on the Microsoft forums has not been kind. As you might 
| expect, the “U-word” Ubuntu has been bandied about.  


Cancelling WGA Installation sends a report to Microsoft

,----[ Quote ]
| They decided to cancel the installation and immediately after doing
| so the firewall reported that update.exe tried to connect to the
| internet. This caught their attention of course and they decided
| to analyze the data that was send after the connection was established.
| They used Wireshark to analyze the traffic and found out that
| update.exe sends data to genuine.microsoft.com. Some of the data
| seems to be encrypted while some could be identified. It sends
| registry information, namely the SusClientID as well as information
| about the version of the WGA tool, the windows version and the
| language of the operating system. It also sets a cookie whichc
| ontains a GUID which could possibly be used to identify the computer.


I've had it up to HERE with the likes of Microsoft

,----[ Quote ]
| When WGA was first implemented, certain free downloads from MS
| were unavailable unless you installed something to "verify" you
| didn't "pirate" your OS. Then comes the WGA "tool" that phones home
| several times a day/week/month "verifying" your installation, and
| now most interesting downloads from MS are blocked unless you
| validate your OS. Add to this the certainty that Vista is going
| to up the ante on WGA and MS found one less customer.
| Speaking of Vista, I tried out RC1 and found it slow, ill-conceived
| and just plain ugly. You cannot change basic interface elements like
| menus without warning. Things are moved all over the place, never got
| a sense of uniformity, etc, etc. Bottom line - I hated it. Add this
| to the unrest in my stomach over WGA and I found myself at the
| crossroads.


Vista's EULA Product Activation Worries

,----[ Quote ]
| Mark Rasch looks at the license agreement for Windows Vista and how its 
| product activation component, which can disable operation of the computer, 
| may be like walking on thin ice.
| [...]
| "Does the Microsoft EULA adequately tell you what will happen if you
| don't activate the product or if you can't establish that it is
| genuine? Well, not exactly. It does tell you that some parts of the
| product won't work - but it also ambiguously says that the product
| itself won't work. Moreover, it allows Microsoft, through fine print
| in a generally unread and non negotiable agreement, to create an
| opportunity for economic extortion."


Dvorak: 'Something To Avoid at All Costs'

,----[ Quote ]
| Many in Health IT are moving to all over-the-web 'asp', software-as-service 
| Electronic Medical Records services with total centralized control of data. 
| John C. Dvorak sounds off a note of caution for such a trend with the recent 
| Windows Genuine Advantage server outage...


Still no word on cause of WGA outage or Microsoft’s future prevention plans

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft officials say they are continuing to investigate how the outage 
| occurred, as well as why someone on the support team inappropriately told 
| users the outage wouldn’t be resolved until August 28. If the team already 
| knows what happened, so far, it’s not saying.   


WGA Meltdown Casts Doubt on Microsoft Reliability

,----[ Quote ]
| Gartner Inc. analyst Michael Silver also dinged Microsoft on the reliability 
| issue. "A system that's not totally reliable really should not be so 
| punitive," he said. "This issue is not really how long it take for Microsoft 
| to fix the problem, but also how when the user can get back on the network to 
| revalidate. What happens when someone's about to get on a plane and won't be 
| able to revalidate for three days?"     


Microsoft set to push out updated antipiracy tool

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft will soon start pushing out a new version of its controversial 
| Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications antipiracy tool to Windows XP 
| users.


Analyst: Microsoft's revamped WGA puts burden on users

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft announced Tuesday that it would use Automatic Updates to
| roll out changes to the component of its anti-piracy scheme that
| nags users when their copy of Windows is tagged as counterfeit. An
| analyst criticises the changes as more work for customers.


Windows Trojan masquerades as Vista hack

,----[ Quote ]
| A supposed Windows Vista crack called Windows Vista All Versions
| Activation 21.11.06 is reportedly doing the rounds, offering those
| tempted by the chance of sticking it to Microsoft the ability to
| install illegal versions of Windows Vista.
| However, the software is not a Windows Vista crack and pirates get
| something they didn't expect - installation of a Trojan called
| PSW.Win32.LdPinch.aze - something with a "high" threat level.


Windows Genuine Advantage Validation v1.5.722.0 Cracked

,----[ Quote ]
| Just press any key, and it's done cracking! All popup nag screens
| gone and you're now able to download updates from Windows Update.


Windows Genuine Advantage - what a pain

,----[ Quote ]
| One of the Trojans appears to have corrupted the registry of the
| PC to such an extent that Windows Genuine Advantage thinks the
| version of Windows on his machine is pirated.
| It's not, but perhaps worse, a number of other applications,
| including AVG Anti-Virus are also blocking updates until the
| copy of Windows is made legitimate.
| I think a complete re-install of the operating system is
| called for, as patching around the problem seems to be impossible.


Windows Genuine Annoyance

,----[ Quote ]
| My windows Genuine Advantage experience, which doesn't provide
| any discernible advantage to anyone but Microsoft, hit a new
| low today.

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