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[News] Pardus GNU/Linux Gets Pardusman, antiX M8.2 on Right Route

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Progress with Pardusman

,----[ Quote ]
| I have been getting extremely lazy to blog enough these days. I have came 
| across lots of new updates with pardusman project. The first improvement is 
| with the UI graphic design. After building the UI layout I was staying tuned 
| for comments and suggestions for improvement. Hiran came to me and told that 
| he is interested to help me regarding UI. HIran is a UI guy on inkscape, 
| Gimp, fonts etc.     


antiX M8.2 Test 1 now available and looking GREAT!

,----[ Quote ]
| Here with antiX M8.2 Test 1, running live. Let me tell you why I like antiX 
| so much as a Live CD. 
| 1. Loads, even to RAM, in under two minutes, faster than that to run straight 
| from CD. 



Review: Pardus 2008.2

,----[ Quote ]
| I HAVE written several articles about Pardus GNU/Linux since it first
| appeared on the Linux/Open Source scene in 2005, but in one report to
| coincide with the release of version 2007.3, I wrote the following
| introduction.  "Do you know what I love so much about Linux?  It's the
| feeling you get when you stumble upon a distribution that's pure computing
| gold."


The Turkish Pardus Linux Distribution

,----[ Quote ]
| Pardus provides a very important public good to be used by the whole FLOSS
| community, in Turkey and abroad. The Pardus GNU/Linux operating system is
| being deployed and used in many government and other public services
| including the Turkish military and defense sector, in radio and
| telecommunication, health and education, as well as private vendors. The use
| of Pardus in all these sectors and institutions will save several millions of
| Euro in taxpayers' money.


Review: Pardus Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| I wonder why Pardus is such an unknown distribution. It is easy to install,
| has a great configuration center, and a good package management system with
| plenty of packages to fulfill most peoples needs. The people behind Pardus
| have spent a lot of time to create a distro that looks good and is stable. I
| believe my granny can work with Pardus without problems. No messing with
| config-files in any way, just install it and start working with it. I will
| continue to use Pardus and have advised others to give it a try.
| Good job, Pardus team!


Pardus Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Overall, though, working with Pardus has been a very pleasant surprise so
| far. A very auspicious start indeed.


Pardus 2008 - Where were you?

,----[ Quote ]
| Pardus is a very good distro, and should really be much higher on the
| Distrowatch rankings. They really do know what beautiful is Smile and
| includes a plethora of applications. I highly recommend this distro if you
| are just starting out using Linux or want to introduce Linux to someone else.


Pardus 2008: A touch of refinement

,----[ Quote ]
| My experience with Pardus was quite positive. The attention to detail, right
| down to skinning Amarok with the Pardus colors, is matched by the elegance of
| the installer and the efficacy of Kaptan and PiSi. Booting and running Pardus
| is quite speedy on my old AMD Sempron 2800+ with 512MB RAM; other
| distributions with similar features (such as Ubuntu) run slower on the same
| hardware. In short, I think Pardus is a distribution worth looking at for any
| Linux users who aren't happy with their current choice.


Pardus 2008 Review

,----[ Quote ]
| Pardus 2008, to a green user, is your average desktop environment. Many of
| the gems of the system lie under the hood in utilities like TASMA and PiSi.
| It’s an easy system to get started with, but has some odd quirks such as
| PolicyKit problems and the somewhat hidden root account. In the end, it’s
| clear that a lot of effort went into making Pardus a usable desktop for
| anyone.


Pardus 2008 review

,----[ Quote ]
| Pardus 2008 is everything I could of asked for it looks good, plays all my
| multimedia, it’s super-fast/stable and it’s so easy even a Mac OS X user
| could easily adapt to it. Pardus has taken over my linux partition at the
| moment I consider it the best distribution available at this time; I won’t
| switch distribution anytime soon perhaps I may use Pclinuxos 2008 for
| reviewing purposes but it’ll be hard to top pardus 2008.


Pardus 2008

,----[ Quote ]
| After my review of do-it-yourself-Arch, I wanted to test a distro with a
| totally different philosophy, one that aims to give you a complete desktop
| system from the start. The problem was, I didn’t want to test Ubuntu,
| OpenSuse, Mandriva, Mint…those are too well known.
| [...]
| There’s no doubt that Pardus 2008 is one of the better Linux distributions
| out there. In the week I tested it I found not much wrong with the way it
| works, apart from an annoying tendency to forget some settings. It’s been
| reliable, stable, and relatively speedy. However, there is some work to be
| done before it can compete with the likes of Ubuntu, like providing an even
| more polished look, especially when it comes to the integration of GTK
| applications. It also needs better and more up-to-date documentation. Pardus
| is a very ambitious project, and so far, it doesn’t quite attain its goals
| just yet. I have no doubt however that it’s just a matter of time.
| In the meantime, it’s a viable alternative for anyone who isn’t satisfied
| with the offerings of the big-name distributions.


PCLinuxOS Mini ME 2008 - A Joy To Use

,----[ Quote ]
| If you need a very easy to install, feature complete Linux distribution, do
| not look any further than PCLinuxOS. This gem of a distribution is an
| absolute joy to use.


Pardus 2008 : A testdrive

,----[ Quote ]
| Pardus surprised me. Today it is listed as nr 49 on Distrowatch, but it
| deserves a place near or in the top-ten. It is a distro that has everything
| to become a major newcomer-friendly distro.
| It is a distro that I will use/propose (along with PCLinuxOS :-) ) when
| converting Windows Users to Linux, and the Dutch version is also very good
| (kudos to the Dutch translation team).


Pardus 2008 RC2

,----[ Quote ]
| I love finding fault when reviewing products, services and software, so
| consider this my standing ovation to Pardus for being nigh on faultless.
| They've got a top notch operating system on their hands and I'm willing to
| say this might be one of the best releases of 2008.



Open source tour of Europe: Turkey

,----[ Quote ]
| There are sporadic examples of Turkish open source projects. In August 2007
| Turkey’s Military Recruitment Division, which is part of the Ministry of
| Defense, announced that it was switching to Pardus Linux on all of its 4,500
| desktops and more than five hundred servers.
| Pardus is also being used by Turkish Radio and Television Supreme Council as
| part of its digital television archive and analysis project.
| Meanwhile CentOS is used along with Apache and MySQL to power Yerelnet, a web
| site designed to encourage collaboration between local governments. Other
| early adepter success stories include Manisa Health Directorate, Petrol-Is,
| and Neziroglu Motors, all of which are using Pardus Linux.
| While there are few examples of Turkish open source deployments to date there
| is reason to believe that may will be more in the future thanks to the fact
| that the Ministry of Education is teaching students to use and understand
| open source software as well as Windows as part of the IT curriculum.


Real answers to the question “Can you run your business on Linux and open

,----[ Quote ]
| He continued, “For the client OS migration, we are experiencing a large scale
| project for the Turkish Military now. 5.500 clients will migrate to Pardus (a
| Turkish government-backed Linux distribution.)”

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