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[News] GNU/Linux Used to Sell Mainframes (Where Linux Rules)

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IBM Entices Sun, HP Customers onto Linux Mainframes

,----[ Quote ]
| IBM, which is seeing a continued resurgence in the mainframe space, is 
| offering new migration services and financial incentives in hopes of luring 
| away some HP and Sun Unix customers. IBM’s move comes at a time when its 
| System z mainframe business saw market share growth in the first quarter, and 
| as other vendors, including CA and Unisys, push their mainframe agendas. It 
| also comes as Oracle closes in on its purchase of Sun.     


IBM Announces New Initiative to Make it Easier for Sun and HP Customers to Join
the Move to IBM System z Mainframe



IBM: Why the Mainframe Will Never Die, Part II

,----[ Quote ]
| Q: What has open-source software meant for the mainframe? Do you even play
| there?
| A: There is a lot of open-source software already available for z/OS. For
| example, the IBM Ported Tools for z/OS is a non-priced program that delivers
| tools and applications for the z/OS platform. These applications have been
| modified to operate within the z/OS environment. The URL is
| http://www-03.ibm.com/servers/eserver/zseries/zos/unix/ported/.
| The mainframe is a hotbed for business applications—with more than 5,000
| unique applications available on the System z platform. Nearly 2,500 of these
| unique applications are Linux-based.


Running Linux and z/OS on a single mainframe poses no problem

,----[ Quote ]
| Starting with the IBM z9 mainframe, and even more so with the z10 it
| introduced this year, IBM has promoted big iron as a server consolidation
| savior – in particular, for x86 Linux server consolidation.
| In the same vein, IBM has hardly been shy about supporting a Linux-only
| mainframe in which hundreds or even thousands of virtual Linux servers run on
| z/VM, along with a bunch of Integrated Facility for Linux, or IFL processors.


HP missionaries convert 250+ mainframe shops

,----[ Quote ]
| Many, having made the jump, also deploy Linux on their iron.
| [...]
| "Even when you move down to a Linux specialty engine, it is an order of
| magnitude more expensive than Linux on an Integrity machines," says Pickett.


IBM, Sun release OpenSolaris OS on mainframe

,----[ Quote ]
| A mainframe version of the OpenSolaris operating system is now available for
| download, IBM and Sun announced Monday.


IBM, Sun Deliver OpenSolaris Prototype for IBM Mainframes

,----[ Quote ]
| IBM and Sun Microsystems deliver a prototype of OpenSolaris running on the
| IBM System z mainframe, with the help of a consultancy named Sine Nomine
| Associates.


Virtualization’s MF Future is in its MF Past

,----[ Quote ]
| It may surprise you to know that virtualization existed on Mainframes for
| almost 3 decades before it existed on any other platform. As I was
| researching a new virtualization project involving IBM System z, z/VM, and
| Linux, I realized that we’ve come full circle in computing — from Mainframes
| and dumb terminals to the wonderful world of mid-range computers,
| departmental servers, and heavy desktops back to those dinosaur days of
| yesteryear of Mainframes and dumb terminals. Could it be true that we are
| returning to our roots as mere users on behemoth systems where an
| administrator allocates a virtual resource slice to us instead of a complete
| physical system with which to work? The answer is yes. The answer is also no.


Linux: The Latest MF Operating System?

,----[ Quote ]
| Mainframes (MF) in the news again? Can it be or did I just wake up in 1980
| all over again? It's true (the Mainframe part not 1980) that we are now
| looking backward for our future in virtualization and Cloud Computing using
| Linux as the delivery system. Mainframes have a 40-year history with
| virtualization--in fact, the IBM System z's z/VM is a Type-1 hypervisor--like
| VMware's ESX and Xen.


IBM aims for Linux customers with 'baby' mainframe

,----[ Quote ]
| IBM is targeting midsize business customers that use Linux with a new "baby"
| mainframe that costs just a fraction of the amount charged for the high-end
| mainframe IBM released in February.


IBM: Mainframes enjoying global resurgence

,----[ Quote ]
| In an email note, Madan Sheina, senior analyst at Ovum, said Cognos's recent
| move to put business-intelligence (BI) software on the IBM System z mainframe
| running Linux indicates that mainframes are far from being legacy systems.


SUSE-Linux-on-IBM-loaned mainframe becomes teaching ground

,----[ Quote ]
| While most computer science students learn skills on x86 servers, their
| counterparts at the University of Arkansas will now get hands-on experience
| on a new IBM system z900 running Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise.


Attack Unleashed for New Microsoft Mainframe Bug

,----[ Quote ]
| Hackers have released code that could be used to take control of a server
| running Microsoft's Host Integration Server 2006, used to connect mainframe
| applications to Windows PCs.


Company without a name unveils mainframe Solaris

,----[ Quote ]
| z/VM is one of the ways that IBM and its partner commercial Linux
| distributors - Red Hat and Novell - support Linux on the mainframe. But Linux
| also runs natively on top of the Processor Resource/Systems Manager (PR/SM)
| hypervisor that is nearly two decades old and that supports z/OS, Linux,
| z/VM, z/VSE, and TPF operating systems.


IBM's System z10 Business Class Offers Mainframe Performance

,----[ Quote ]
| For the operating system, the Business Class mainframe can run either the
| traditional z/OS operating system or what IBM calls z/Linux, or Linux on
| System z. The Business Class mainframe will also offer 120GB of main system
| memory, and IBM will boost that to 248GB in June 2009.


Winn-Dixie turns IT, once a liability, into an asset

,----[ Quote ]
| It is running a combination of eight general-purpose mainframe processors, as
| well as specialty engines, which process workloads for the database and Linux
| applications. The setup's virtualization capabilities and scalability make
| it "a tremendously leveragable asset," he said.
| [...]
| Charles King, an analyst at Pund-IT Inc. in Hayward, Calif., said IBM's
| mainframe effort is being helped by those users who want their mainframes to
| do more work, not less. Linux support running on the specialty processor is
| apparently helping as well. "IBM's pitch of using the mainframe as a
| consolidation platform has been resonating," he said.


Big Blue serves up green project

,----[ Quote ]
| Under the project, IBM will replace 3,900 smaller servers with 30 IBM System
| z9 mainframes running Linux and virtualisation software.  


Have Mainframe Skills, Will Travel

,----[ Quote ]
| Mainframes are more than just house-sized computers that store data on
| punchcards. In fact, they're enjoying a bit of a revival, and corporate
| demand is pushing the halls of academia to churn out IT pros with mainframe
| knowledge.  


The Year of the Linux Desktop Turns Out to be the Year of the Linux Mainframe

,----[ Quote ]
| think this is a big year for desktop Linux, but last week there was an
| amazing announcement from IBM that people may have missed. IBM rolled out
| their new z10 mainframe running Linux and it does not disappoint.



The Return of the Mainframe  

,----[ Quote ]
| IBM this week introduced the first major overhaul to its System z mainframe
| line in three years. This latest Big Iron from IBM could be a welcome
| development for the company, which has seen its mainframe business struggle
| for several months.  
| [...]
| While IBM talks primarily Linux, Mann said there's also the zOS side, the
| mainframe's native operating system that still has plenty of potential
| use. "IBM is getting into universities to teach zOS and old style
| programming, PL/1 and COBOL, on the z Series," he said.  
| [...]
| But that's just IBM selling to its existing customer base. King things the
| company needs to sell beyond that, which is its real challenge. "I would
| expect the type of company that would be interested in z Series would already
| be using the platform. I can't see them selling this into HP and Dell
| datacenters," he said.    


Spectrum Auction: The C-Block Bidding Stalls at $4.7 Billion

,----[ Quote ]
| We won’t know who the high bidder is until the auction is completed for all
| the other smaller licenses, which could take weeks. Since no more than one
| bid was received in each round, there may have been one company bidding all
| along.  


Young mainframers' group gains momentum

,----[ Quote ]
| ZNextGen, an organization aimed at young mainframe programmers, has gained
| significant momentum since it was created roughly two years ago through IBM
| and its user group, SHARE, according to its leaders.  


Did Microsoft ruin SCO?

,----[ Quote ]
| Which comes to the scenario in mind. Gates approaches McBride and puts forth
| a proposition that SCO should try and make money out of Linux. He offers to
| bankroll the operation in a backhanded manner and then steps back to watch
| the action unfold. His reasoning for doing this? To have a test run before he
| puts Microsoft through the same paces. Either way he wins.    


Novell Makes it Easier to Start With Linux on IBM's System z Mainframe

,----[ Quote ]
| Novell today announced the availability of the SUSE® Linux Enterprise Server
| Starter System for System z, a pre-built installation server that simplifies
| the installation of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server on IBM's System z
| mainframes. The starter system eliminates the need for IT managers to search
| for network access to installation media on the mainframe. With the new
| Starter System for System z, customers can quickly initiate evaluations of
| SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for System z.      


User-group study: Mainframes live on through SOA

,----[ Quote ]
| Mainframes like IBM's System z are integral to SOA almost by default because
| they contain a large portion of the world's business information, the study
| suggests. Thirty percent of respondents who work for companies with 10,000 or
| more employees said between 51 percent and 75 percent of their company's data
| is managed and stored on a mainframe, according to the study.    


IBM Faces EU Antitrust Complaint by Mainframe Maker [friend of Microsoft]

,----[ Quote ]
| International Business Machines Corp., the world's biggest computer-services
| company, is accused in a European Union complaint filed by a
| mainframe-computer maker of refusing to supply data needed for compatible
| products.  


IBM upgrades z/VSE mainframe OS for wider ecommerce and Linux use

,----[ Quote ]
| IBM has upgraded its z/VSE mainframe operating system to further support
| ecommerce and widening Linux use.


Big Iron lives on

,----[ Quote ]
| These Linux-only processors are priced approximately 90 percent
| lower than a processor utilised for a traditional mainframe workload.


Top 500 Supers: Moore's Law Is Alive and Well

,----[ Quote ]
| There are two Windows-based clusters, and 42 machines that run a mix
| of operating systems--and one of those operating systems in the mix is
| always a Linux and the other is a variant of Unix. If you want to be
| fair, Linux is represented on 86 percent of the machines...


Linux drives a mainframe revival

,----[ Quote ]
| Linux may not be everyone?s idea of a mainframe operating system,
| but for a growing number of large and medium-sized businesses
| the synergy between Linux and big iron is the solution to as
| ignificant problem.


Mainframe in comeback mode

,----[ Quote ]
| We have over 1,300 independent software vendors who work with the
| Mainframe. We have 300 to 400 in the Linux arena. We have many
| business partners and some integrators too, that we work with.


IBM and Oracle Agreement Strengthens Mainframe Computing, IDC Says

,----[ Quote ]
| IBM and Oracle announced this initiative to collaborate on the sales
| and marketing of a series of enterprise business solutions with
| Oracle applications and technology for Linux on System z on
| October 24, 2006. It targets the business requirements of large
| and medium size enterprise customers and meets growing marketd
| emand, complementing a series of investments IBM and Oracle have
| made in support of Linux as an enterprise application platform.


Linux-on-Mainframe Apps Up 100%: IBM

,----[ Quote ]
| IBM recently reported a 390% jump in mainframe sites running Linux.
| It says more than 60% of its mainframe revenue is now coming from
| new workloads, with approximately 20% of the revenue and 30% of the
| MIPS coming from Linux customers, which is what has the ISVs
| interested.


IBM touts mainframes to India

,----[ Quote ]
| It wants large and mid-sized companies to consider running Linux
| virtual machines on a mainframe instead of stand-alone servers.
| It argues that not only does it bring operational efficiency -
| there's just one machine to house and manage - but it has
| performance advantages too, as a mainframe copes with demand
| spikes better than a rack-mount server

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