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[News] Kids Fix GNU/Linux

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Find A Kid To Fix It

,----[ Quote ]
| I finally handed over netbooks to each of the year 5 and 6 students this week 
| and it was a momentous occasion for me. I have dreamed of what it would be 
| like if all the kids in my class had their own computer on their desk since 
| the day I started teaching 25 years ago. All those years ago I had one 
| Microbee computer with a cassette tape drive in my classroom that took 30 
| minutes to load a simple program     
| [...]
| Am I worried that I will have to make changes to 66 new machines to fix the 
| problems that the kids found? Not at all. One of the many great things I am 
| finding about Ubuntu (yes it is free as well) is that I can make changes to 
| the one master copy of the software on their netbooks and as soon as they 
| restart their machines, the changes are automatically installed and enabled.     



Linux, Learning, and Little Kids

,----[ Quote ]
| Christopher Dawson has been thinking aloud about Linux in the classroom at
| his ZDNet Education blog. Dawson, the technology director of a school
| district in northern Massachusetts, had sixty new Classmate Convertible PCs
| fall into his hands, and wonders if the Linux-powered machines are a better
| option for the district.
| [...]
| In order to make the most of the available hardware, and increase the number
| of computers available in the children's room at the library, I assembled
| (and simultaneously lobotomized) a few machines to run K12LTSP. K12LTSP is an
| offshoot of the Linux Terminal Server Project customized for educational
| environments. It calls for a desktop computer with reasonable specs, and any
| number of thin clients (ours consisted of old desktops, sans hard drives,
| that could boot from the network).


Linux group to discuss free software in schools

,----[ Quote ]
| Kochi: The Indian Linux Users’ Group (ILUG), Kochi chapter, will discuss
| various aspects of free software education in schools in the State at its
| monthly meeting at the Internet Club in Broadway Enclave on Sunday.
| The thrust of the meeting will be to bridge the gap between the teaching
| community and the free software fraternity.

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