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[News] Microsoft is Scared of Big Scary GNU/Linuz

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That is because ..

,----[ Quote ]
| not even Microsoft or Ballmer believe their own PR FUD.
| Ballmer puts Linux's desktop marketshare greater than Mac's, which is 
| supposed to be 10% 
| http://www.osnews.com/story/21035/Ballmer_Linux_Bi gger_Competitor_than_Apple 


Tiny 1% Linux = Big Microsoft Terror

,----[ Quote ]
| I don't believe that the desktop Linux market share is barely 1%. I think it 
| is a lot higher. I have no good data to share; I base my assessment on 
| experience and knowing the industry. There is something else that is even 
| more persuasive, and that is how Microsoft behaves. If Linux is so 
| insignificant, why do they pay so much attention to it? Like this new 
| ASUS/Windows Eee PC "It's Better With Windows" ad campaign...     
| [...]
| It's a direct shot at Linux, so I guess that little bitty one percent is a 
| bigger one percent than it's given credit for. Some have questioned if these 
| ads are legitimate, and claim they are satire or a hoax. ASUS links to them, 
| so they're for real.    



Lies, Damn Lies and Linux Market Share Statistics

,----[ Quote ]
| "The numbers from NetApplications are clearly unrepresentative of reality,"
| blogger Robert Pogson told LinuxInsider. "Around 2003/4, IDC determined by
| survey that GNU/Linux was ahead of Mac OS at about 3 percent. Since then
| GNU/Linux has had growth numbers from 20 to 50 percent in various places.
| "That would put GNU/Linux at 7 to 9 percent," he asserted.

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