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[News] Loads of Low-cost GNU/Linux PCs (Sub-$150) Thanks to MIPS

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The MIPS Processor and the $150 Linux Netbook

,----[ Quote ]
| Back at the start of the millennium I was working for a large government 
| contractor supporting an agency of the U.S. federal government. This agency 
| was a major customer of SGI. Many of the scientists who worked there had very 
| nice SGI workstations and some of the SGI servers I supported were, to say 
| the least, impressive technology at the time. At the time SGI systems, one 
| and all, had 64-bit MIPS processors under the hood. SGI spun off MIPS 
| Technologies in 1998 and stopped selling new MIPS based systems in 2005.      
| [...]
| Although it takes considerable work it is also possible to run Debian Etch on 
| the Alpha 400. The screenshot below, originally posted on the linked page, 
| shows a Debian desktop using the IceWM window manager with windows open for 
| Mozilla Firefox and mrxvt.   


Moblin version of Linpus Linux Lite OS at Computex

,----[ Quote ]
| With the release of the Linux Foundation’s Moblin 2.0 Beta, a number of 
| people have missed the fact that the software is targeted more at Linux 
| distributors and not at end-users. However, you would not think so when you 
| take a closer look at some of the promotional activities that have taken 
| place.    



Linux To Regain 50% Netbook Market Share

,----[ Quote ]
| I'm sure some will dismiss Mr. Lim's projections as self-serving since Linpus
| is a Linux distributor heavily invested in the netbook market. It turns out
| Mr. Lim isn't alone in seeing Linux equal or even overtake Windows on
| netbooks. ABI Research sees it happening but they see it taking a bit longer
| than a year. They see Linux regaining dominance on netbooks by 2012. ABI
| cites the arrival of low-end ARM-based netbooks as part of the reason for a
| Linux resurgence. They also cite the arrival of Linux distributions designed
| for mobile devices, particularly Android and Moblin. Windows doesn't run on
| ARM processor based systems.
| While ARM has been getting lots of notice in the tech press a Spanish company
| called iUnika announced the first netbook with a MIPS processor (pictured).
| Linux already runs on MIPS processors. The support dates back to MIPS-powered
| SGI workstations running Linux back in the '90s. Windows, on the other hand,
| doesn't run on MIPS powered systems.


Linpus gears up Moblin v2 for Linux netbooks

,----[ Quote ]
| When netbooks first came out from Acer and Asus, they came with a Linux
| operating system from a (then unknown) small Linux vendor called Linpus.
| Linux on netbooks is now more common and there are other Linux distribution
| choices (and Windows too), but Linpus remains and is now gearing up for a new
| release based on the Moblin v2 standard for Intel Atom processors.


Linpus Sets Date With Moblin 2.0 for Netbooks

,----[ Quote ]
| Taiwanese Linux distributor Linpus Technologies plans to make a version of
| Moblin 2.0 available for download next week, a move timed to coincide with
| the annual Computex hardware exhibition in Taipei.
| Linpus will show off a new version of its Linpus Linux Lite distribution
| based on Moblin 2.0 for the first time, including versions based on user
| interfaces designed by Linpus and Intel, the company said in a notice posted
| on its Web site.


Linpus To Launch Moblin V2 OS Next Week

,----[ Quote ]
| Back in February we were first to share the news that Linpus was going to
| launch a QuickOS Linux operating system. They did that, but we can now also
| tell you that next week Linpus Technologies will be launching a new version
| of their Linpus distribution that is based upon Moblin V2. One of their
| representatives decided to send us the information early again, and so we
| have it for you now.

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