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[News] New Versions of PC/OS and Calculate Linux Released

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PC/OS 10 Open64 Workstation edition released

,----[ Quote ]
| PC/OS Developer Roberto J. Dohnert has announced the release of PC/OS 10 
| Open64 Workstation. The desktop distribution designed for 64-bit systems is 
| based on Ubuntu 9.04 and includes all of the latest security and bug patches 
| up to the 25th of May. All of the PC/OS editions, including OpenDesktop, 
| OpenWorkstation and WebStation, utilise the lightweight Xfce desktop 
| environment and focus on providing ease of use out-of-the-box.     


Calculate Linux Desktop 9.6 KDE released

,----[ Quote ]
| This anniversary version of Calculate Linux Desktop, the first version of 
| which was exactly 2 years ago.  



Calculate Linux 9.5 Has Desktops In A Cube

,----[ Quote ]
| Calculate Linux 9.5 is provided as LiveDVD, which could be tested into a
| virtual machine or installed onto an existing computer. It seems to be a
| promising Linux distribution from the point of view of usability, overall
| performance, customization options and accessibility.


Linux Distro Test - PC/OS 2009v2a

,----[ Quote ]
| Time to boot LiveCD: 55 seconds, Time to install: appox. 25 minutes,  Time to 
| HD boot: appox 45 seconds 
| This is a very strange boot. It seemed to lag in the middle, but it did 
| finish booting with a very nice desktop in the end. I like the way the menu 
| is set up; lately, I've found that you have to drill down quite a ways for 
| the menu items in some other XFCE distros, while this one seems to be clean, 
| quick and better organized.    


PC/OS 10, Open64 and more

,----[ Quote ]
| We are hard at work for PC/OS 10, Open64 and PC/OpenSuite for Windows.  There
| are no delays expected with PC/OpenSuite for Windows scheduled for an April
| 15th release.  So far testing is going great and we are even considering a
| theme to replace the default Windows theme with ine that shows the PC/OS
| logo.  We are working with an updated GUI for PC/OS 10 and Open64.   Will it
| be the final?  probably, but probably not.


PC/OS 2009v2a Released

,----[ Quote ]
| PC/OS 2009v2a has been released for the general public. This release fixes
| many of the application stability issues that users had with PC/OS 2009v2.
| With this release we went ahead and and installed all updates so all security
| updates since PC/OS 2009v2 has been released have been applied. The changes
| to PC/OS 2009v2a application wise are common across all releases except one
| application inclusion and one removal.


PC/OS 2009v2 released

,----[ Quote ]
| Today, Thursday February 26 2009 we are happy to announce the general
| availability of PC/OS 2009v2. The new release also introduces the new PC/OS
| WebStation 1.0. PC/OS OpenDesktop 2009v2 and PC/OS OpenWorkstation 2009v2
| have been fully tested and ready for broad consumer adoption.
| Some of the changes include a slightly tweaked user interface and updated
| packages and all important security updates applied. Some of the updated
| packages are as follows.


Review: PC/OS OD 2009

,----[ Quote ]
| So, that's PC/OS 2009. if you're not sick to death of Ubuntu spin-offs it's
| well worth a look, if only for its web-centric approach.


PC/OS: Insert CD, use desktop

,----[ Quote ]
| PC/OS aims to be an easy-to-use Linux distribution right out of the box.
| Being Ubuntu-based, it has a head start on being user-friendly, but PC/OS
| goes above and beyond Ubuntu's measures to ensure ease of use by having
| common third-party non-GPL software included in the install.


PC/OS 2009 OpenWorkstation Review

,----[ Quote ]
| There are quite a few Linux distributions out there that are geared towards
| the novice Linux user, but everyone is created a bit differently, whether its
| the packages that they include by default or the distribution as its base
| Linux can be configured to suit anyone's needs.
| [...]
| If for some reason you want to say use a Windows software program in PC/OS,
| Wine is available. Wine is a program that lets you install a variety of
| Windows applications on your Linux machine without the need of having a
| Windows installation. As stated some programs work better than others so you
| would have to head on over to Wine's website for a list of supported
| applications. It is nice to see Wine included by default as installation
| might be cumbersome to a novice.

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