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[News] Patents One can Infringe with Pen and Paper, Colossal Damages

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Business method patents ‘face rough ride’


Congress Tries Again to Ban Tax Strategy Patents

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| In the bill, the term “tax planning method” is defined as “a plan, strategy, 
| technique, or scheme that is designed to reduce, minimize, or defer, or has, 
| when implemented, the effect of reducing, minimizing, or deferring, a 
| taxpayer’s tax liability, but does not include the use of tax preparation 
| software or other tools used solely to perform or model mathematical 
| calculations or prepare tax or information returns.”      


Akin Gump Hit With $72.6M Malpractice Judgment

,----[ Quote ]
| They say everything is bigger in Texas, and that appears to include 
| malpractice awards in the Lone Star state. 
| Yesterday, a federal jury in San Antonio slapped Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & 
| Feld with a $72.6 million judgment for botching a patent application filed by 
| a Texas-based company and an inventor.  



New Patentable Idea: A Way to Invalidate Vague Patents

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| The death of business method patents could be felt strongest in Silicon 
| Valley, where a first step of many entrepreneurs is to retreat with lawyers 
| to start patenting defensible business ideas. It could also affect patent 
| acquisition firms such as Intellectual Ventures, a firm funded by major 
| technology companies such Microsoft, Google, Intel, Apple and Nokia, that is 
| aggressively accumulating patent portfolios.     


Starhome Granted Patent for Intelligent Border Roaming

,----[ Quote ]
| Starhome, which provides roaming services and converged solutions, has 
| revealed that it has been granted a patent in the US (No. 7 333 808) for it’s 
| Intelligent Border Roaming technology. The patent is based on Starhome’s 
| service node architecture for controlling and steering border roaming, which 
| prevents home network subscribers from inadvertently registering to 
| cross-border foreign networks with strong coverage.     


More Bad News at Tax Time?

,----[ Quote ]
| The Internal Revenue Service has proposed new rules that would pull within 
| its orbit any software patent that affects taxes, likely choking innovation. 

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