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[News] MAFIAA Attacks Children, Professor Accuses MAFIAA of Abusing the Law

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Will The RIAA Shut Down Public School Kids From Singing Pop Songs On YouTube?

,----[ Quote ]
| Dave Title points our attention to a public elementary school in New York 
| City (PS22) that is making news for putting together a chorus that sings 
| various pop songs (and sings them well!).  
| [...]
| But, of course, Title wonders how the RIAA feels about all of this:
|     However, this seems like a video ripe for takedown by the RIAA. These 
|     kids did not get the rights to perform this song and they are now 
|     spreading their cover for free! This is just the sort of activity the 
|     record industry seems to keen on stopping - whether it is a chorus of 
|     school-kids or a couple of people doing a karaoke version of the latest 
|     Beyonce tune.      


Harvard Prof Calls RIAA Lawsuits “Unconstitutional Abuse of Law”

,----[ Quote ]
| Charles Nesson writes an op-ed piece explaining why RIAA lawsuits targeting 
| file-sharers is an abuse of the legal process, and that the real problem is 
| the tension between “our antiquated copyright laws and the social reality 
| of ‘digital natives,’” those that have grown up immersed in a digital world.   



The RIAA vs. 19 Year Old Cancer Patient

,----[ Quote ]
| Among the RIAA's latest targets in its campaign to sue its customer base into
| submission is a 19-year-old cancer patient. Ciaro Sauro was ruled a music
| pirate after failing to defend herself in court against charges from the RIAA
| that she was sharing music files online. Ms. Sauro has said she couldn't
| defend herself as she is hospitalized once a week, and vehemently denies the
| allegations that she is a pirate.


RIAA Sued For Racketeering Yet Again

,----[ Quote ]
| A few people have filed lawsuits against the RIAA for racketeering in the
| past, though these charges have always been dismissed. In one such case,
| where the filed charges were dismissed over the summer, new claims were filed
| again charging the RIAA with racketeering for extortion, mail fraud and wire
| fraud in its ongoing efforts involving weakly supported threats against
| alleged file sharers demanding money to avoid being sued.


RIAA lied to the US Congress

,----[ Quote ]
| In April the RIAA told US lawmakers that it was not going to chase individual
| file-sharers any more and was going to stop dragging grannies, homeless
| people and kids into court using dodgy evidence obtained by methods that
| seemed to break some state laws.


RIAA: "we have no choice" but to file more named lawsuits

,----[ Quote ]
| The RIAA said it would file no more "new" lawsuits against individual
| file-swappers, but it filed more such lawsuits in April. How to explain the
| apparent contradiction? By defining "new" in a particular way.

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