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[News] Drupal 7 Becomes Easier to Use, GIMP Already Gets the Job Done

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Drupal 7: usability update

,----[ Quote ]
| Based on a survey that I conducted last year, it was clear that one of the 
| community's key goals is making Drupal easier to use. This is not really all 
| that surprising. An easier to use Drupal means a Drupal that attracts more 
| users, and therefore more potential contributors.    


How to turn a photo into a card with GIMP

,----[ Quote ]
| I’ve been using this trick for ages to make simple cards from photograph - 
| starting with a photo and making a card like looks like this... 



Drupal CMS founder, Dries Buytaert Interview

,----[ Quote ]
| We were very pleased to have a chance to interview Dries Buytaert, founder of
| the legendary Drupal content management system. He shares his thoughts on its
| success, future and how it came to be in this intriguing and indepth
| discussion. We had so many questions, that we are only publishing part one
| while he works on the second half. Here you go.


Drupal 6 Content Management System To Soon Run 240,000 Sites

,----[ Quote ]
| Dries Buytaert, founder of the Drupal content management system, and
| co-founder of Acquia (which offers a commercially supported version of
| Drupal), is out with some remarkable statistics, here, and here. If you're
| unfamiliar with Drupal, it is a powerful open source content management
| system, and OStatic runs on it, as do many other sites, including Fast
| Company and The Onion. According to the latest data from Dries, based on the
| growth of the platform, there will be over 240,000 sites running on Drupal 6
| by January of 2010, and that's up from fewer than 5,000 in July of 2008. Here
| are some more milestones for Drupal.


Dries Buytaert's rules for creating a great community

,----[ Quote ]
| At OSBC last week I saw a great presentation by Dries Buytaert on how to
| build community. Dries is the founder of Drupal. The slides for his
| presentation (20 MB) include "Dries' 7 secrets" which I'll write about here.
| Dries started out by showing us how the Drupal community really is a
| community excited about Drupal. He had pictures of people carrying around
| cutouts of people that couldn't attend a conference, hand made Drupal socks,
| Drupal cookies, etc.


Drupalcon: Drupal Adds Install Tools, Support

,----[ Quote ]
| Drupal announced easy installation tools, named Acquia Stack Installer, that
| bypass much of the command-line steps a Drupal installation traditionally
| required.


New CEO, New Drupal CMS Offerings for Acquia

,----[ Quote ]
| Acquia launched a year ago with $7 million in venture capital with the aim of
| providing a commercially supported version of Drupal. Since then, Acquia's
| release of Drupal includes the core CMS components while adding in additional
| modules and testing.


Michael Jackson using Drupal

,----[ Quote ]
| Not only is there a new tour, but MichaelJackson.com, the official site for
| fans of the King of Pop, has just re-launched, featuring some new
| community-oriented features and some old-school graphics from back in the
| day. MichaelJackson.com was built using Drupal by the good folks at Sony
| Music. They are also using Mollom to protect against comment and forum post
| spam. Moonwalks!


Open source video module for Drupal

,----[ Quote ]
| "With more than 15,000 sites already using our solutions and hundreds of new
| ones every day, it is clear that our open source platform is filling a void
| in the online video space," said Ron Yekutiel, Kaltura Chairman and CEO.


Acquia Joins Red Hat Exchange Bringing Social Publishing Expertise to the Open
Source Ecosystem

,----[ Quote ]
| Acquia, provider of the commercially supported distribution of the popular
| Drupal social publishing system, today announced that it has been selected to
| join the Red Hat Exchange (RHX), the trusted open source software and partner
| network managed by Red Hat. RHX is a program focused on helping organizations
| of all sizes access the benefits of software solutions that are powered by
| open source.


Building Online Success With Drupal

,----[ Quote ]
| Times have changed. Open source, or community-based, software is now readily
| available. Achieve Internet is an expert in building Web sites using Drupal,
| Huber said, referring to an open source product developed by a Belgian
| considered to be a superstar in software.
| "There are hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of sites built on Drupal,"
| Huber said.


Drupal wins 2008 Best PHP Open Source CMS from Packt Publishing

,----[ Quote ]
| For the third year in a row, Drupal has been nominated for a Packt Publishing
| Open Source CMS award. Packt Publishing is announcing winners all week. Today
| they announced the 2008 best PHP open source CMS.


Drupal 6.5 and 5.11 released

,----[ Quote ]
| Drupal 6.5 and Drupal 5.11, maintenance releases fixing problems reported
| using the bug tracking system, as well as critical security vulnerabilities,
| are now available for download.


Open-source Drupal turns pro

,----[ Quote ]
| The standard Drupal core already has decent management, but several Acquia
| network modules, installed during setup, take administration a few steps
| further. These enable your Acquia Drupal installation to communicate securely
| with the Acquia Network and exchange configuration, operation, and profile
| information.
| A big part of what you're paying for with Acquia Drupal is support; the
| portal offers a simple way to log support incidents and track your tickets.
| During my testing, Acquia did meet the specified response deadline — and
| resolved my questions satisfactorily.


Acquia Expands Technical Team

,----[ Quote ]
| Acquia, a new software company offering commercial support for the Drupal
| social publishing system, today announced the addition of five new
| individuals to its technical team. With these new additions, Acquia, which
| was launched at Drupalcon in March, marks a 50-percent growth in company
| personnel.

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