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[News] Applications Ecosystems Develop Around Ubuntu GNU/Linux

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Ubuntu AppCenter

,----[ Quote ]
| The following is only an idea, but it could become reality in one of the next 
| releases of the popular Ubuntu operating system. Back in August 2005, Matthew 
| Paul Thomas submitted, on the Ubuntu wiki page, an idea and design of a piece 
| of software that would unify all the existing package managers in the Ubuntu 
| distribution. At the moment, the software is called AppCenter, and it was 
| recently brought into spotlight. If you look at the mockup below, it pretty 
| much looks like the Add/Remove application that is already an important part 
| of the Ubuntu OS, but... if you look closer, you can notice that it also 
| includes the ability to retrieve security and software updates.        


Canonical developers aim to make Android apps run on Ubuntu

,----[ Quote ]
| As Android's platform gains a stronger following and attracts commercial 
| software vendors, the ability to use Android software on a conventional Linux 
| distro could be a significant asset for users and hardware vendors. It would 
| also boost the inherent portability of Android applications, potentially 
| making Android a more palatable target for some third-party application  
| developers.    


Android Full Screen on Ubuntu

,----[ Quote ]
| Hacking pays off. I can now run the Android stack on Ubuntu with applications 
| and the launcher running full-screen.  


Ubuntu to get Appstore 

,----[ Quote ]
| It seems every man plus dog is trying to build an AppStore to mirror Apple's 
| success. The latest comes from Open Source outfit Canonical which makes the 
| user-friendly Linux OS Ubuntu. Of course the Linux fanbois claim that they 
| had the idea first as Apple's AppStore is very similar to their idea of Linux 
| repositories. However there is no doubt that the AppStore does things a lot 
| better with an awful lot of software.     



Is open source killing developers’ ability to cash in?

,----[ Quote ]
| Look at what Codeweavers has done. They played off of the Linux community’
| need for games and for Microsoft Office. To that end they create a software
| that will allow Linux users to enjoy the two things they wanted the most:
| Games and Office. They had them. And now Crossover Games supports over 5,000
| titles. But Codeweavers is one-upping everyone. They have a program in place
| where users can get free copies of their software in return for spreading the
| word, monitoring forums, and helping to make their code better. Not only does
| this fill the users’ need for software, it fills the business need for bug
| testing and PR. Smart move.

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