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[News] Richard Stallman's Vision of Sharing Inspires Many

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RMS and His Magic Bread

,----[ Quote ]
| Imagine that you are in a world where people are starving. Imagine you have 
| some bread, and you were confronted with starving people: most would feel a 
| compulsion to share that bread. But imagine now that you had RMS's special 
| kind of bread that could be eaten once or a million times: how much greater 
| would the duty to share that bread with the hungry be? And how much more 
| despicable would the person who refused to share that bread be?     
| Translate this now to the realm of ideas. We are surrounded by people hungry 
| for knowledge, and we do possess that magic bread - digital copies of 
| knowledge that can be shared infinitely without diminishing it. Do we not 
| have a similar moral duty to share that magic bread of digital knowledge with 
| all those that hunger for it?    


Even warfare studies from Free software ideals.

Wired For War or How We Learned to Stop Worrying and Let Dystopian SF Movies
Inspire our Military Bots

,----[ Quote ]
| PWS: The way I think about it is this -- just like software, warfare is going 
| open source. That is, we're starting to use more and more systems that are 
| commercial, off-the-shelf -- some of it is even DIY. You can build your own 
| version of the Raven drone, which is a widely used military drone, for about 
| $1,000 dollars. So we have a flattening of the landscape of war and 
| technology that is just like what happened in software. A wide variety of 
| actors can utilize these systems.      


Days ago:

GNU'S NOT UNIX - Richard Stallman with BYTE editors, July 1986

,----[ Quote ]
| Stallman: I'm currently planning to start with the kernel that was written at
| MIT and was released to the public recently with the idea that I would use
| it. This kernel is called TRIX; it's based on remote procedure call. I still
| need to add compatibility for a lot of the features of UNIX which it doesn't
| have currently. I haven't started to work on that yet. I'm finishing the
| compiler before I go to work on the kernel. I am also going to have to
| rewrite the file system. I intend to make it failsafe just by having it write
| blocks in the proper order so that the disk structure is always consistent.
| Then I want to add version numbers. I have a complicated scheme to reconcile
| version numbers with the way people usually use UNIX. You have to be able to
| specify filenames without version numbers, but you also have to be able to
| specify them with explicit version numbers, and these both need to work with
| ordinary UNIX programs that have not been modified in any way to deal with
| the existence of this feature. I think I have a scheme for doing this, and
| only trying it will show me whether it really does the job.

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