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[News] Nokia N900 Looks Great and Runs GNU/Linux

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Is the Nokia N900 Internet Tablet really coming to T-Mobile USA

,----[ Quote ]
| I enjoy using the Nokia N810 device from time to time to surf, use some old 
| Palm apps with GarnetVM, and watch movies. I do find it to be a bit laggy at 
| times though so it isn’t always with me. MobileCrunch posted some rumored 
| news on the next Nokia Internet Tablet referred to as the N900, Rover, and 
| Maemo Flagship. It is very similar to the Nokia N97, but with a higher 
| resolution display and Maemo OS rather than S60.     


Nokia Internet Tablet: More Power Than Smartphone, Less Weight Than Netbook

,----[ Quote ]
| Nokia's going to re-invigorate some life into its Internet Tablet market 
| after a pretty successful stint with the N810. A successor is being planned 
| to give the new Internet Tablet some new features, a more polished OS and it 
| might actually become affordable.   



Maemo 5 SDK beta released, APIs frozen

,----[ Quote ]
| Nokia has announced the availability of the Maemo 5 SDK beta release. The
| beta includes an updated version of the tinymail-based Modest e-mail client,
| which takes advantage of Maemo's sophisticated new user interface framework.


New Maemo UI framework arrives in Fremantle SDK alpha

,----[ Quote ]
| Several pre-alpha releases of the Fremantle SDK have already been made
| available for download. The second pre-alpha release included the new
| GObject-based Multimedia Application Framework (MAFW), which we examined in
| depth. As we noted in that article, the last major missing piece was the user
| interface framework.


Nokia Updates the Alpha SDK for its Next-Generation Internet Tablets

,----[ Quote ]
| Nokia and the Maemo Linux community have released a new version of the Maemo
| 5 Alpha SDK (software developer's kit). This new version of the Maemo 5 Alpha
| SDK introduces new user interface APIs and refinements to other core OS
| features.

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