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Re: [News] Nokia Moves to GNU/Linux for Phones

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____/ Matt on Saturday 23 May 2009 12:22 : \____

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
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>> Alleged Nokia Linux smartphone plans exposed by leak
>> ,----[ Quote ]
>> | New information about Nokia's Linux strategy has been exposed through a
>> | leak. The company is allegedly planning to bring its Linux-based Maemo
>> | platform to smartphone devices in 2010.
>> `----
> from the same link:
> (((((
>> A big question here is what this will mean for Symbian. Nokia is investing
>> considerable resources in an effort to open the Symbian platform and make it
>> more competitive relative to Linux-based phone operating systems. Given
>> Nokia's strong affinity for Symbian and the lengths to which the company has
>> gone to make itself the arbiter of Symbian's destiny, it seems hard to
>> imagine Nokia simply phasing it out and walking away.
>> One possibility is that Nokia intends to continue using both platforms for a
>> long time during a gradual and highly protracted transition process. Another
>> possibility is that Maemo will never completely displace S60 and Nokia will
>> simply commit to using each one in certain segments. Regardless of which
>> approach Nokia takes, it seems likely that Qt is going to be the common
>> layer that facilitates the transition. Nokia's recent port of Qt to S60
>> makes it easier to build applications that can target both S60 and Maemo.
>> Harmattan is said to make extensive use of Qt, unlike Maemo 5 and all
>> previous versions which have been built on GTK+.
>> I'm inclined to think that Maemo would make a pretty good smartphone
>> platform. Its strong Linux roots and close alignment with upstream desktop
>> Linux technologies would make it a more appealing option than Android for
>> many third-party developers and hardware makers who don't want to get locked
>> into Android's insular ecosystem. The ability to take the vast number of
>> existing desktop GTK+ and Qt applications and port them trivially to a
>> smartphone is also an appealing factor. The advantage that Maemo offers over
>> Symbian is easier application development and a more modern platform stack.
> )))))

It is odd that they choose to maintain two separate codebases, one of which
simply has a huge userbase.

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