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[News] [Rival] Microsoft SharePoint Proves to Be Junk, Utterly Buggy

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Microsoft Warns Of SharePoint 2007 SP2 Glitch

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft has discovered a major bug in Office SharePoint Server 2007 Service 
| Pack 2 that renders SharePoint inaccessible after 180 days, and the company 
| says it's working on a hotfix.   



New studies highlight the potential downsides of SharePoint

,----[ Quote ]
| ...everything from the lack of support for SharePoint database replication,
| to required custom development to include data stored in SharePoint lists for
| reporting purposes. Application lifecycle management of SharePoint is
| incomplete, the report authors said. And enterprise data integration for
| SharePoint is “primitive.”



Google Goes After Another Microsoft Cash Cow

,----[ Quote ]
| The Internet search giant on Wednesday is rolling out a rival to Microsoft’s
| SharePoint, a program used for collaboration among teams of workers. Google’s
| program, called Google Sites, will become part of the company’s applications
| suite, which includes e-mail, calendar, word processing, spreadsheet and
| presentation software. Like other elements of Google Apps, it will be free
| and require no installation, maintenance or upgrades.    


Could SharePoint Be Microsoft’s New Mode of Lock-In?

,----[ Quote ]
| This could be a tough one for IT leaders. Business users are comfortable with
| Microsoft. They know how to use the Office interface, and apparently like it
| to the point users will create their own mini-BI tools from Excel and opt out
| of the corporate system. But, if Asay’s right, vendor lock-in could cause
| unforeseen problems or major costs down the road.    
| After reading Asay’s column and the interview with Nicholls, at least you’ll
| know which questions to ask before investing in either SharePoint or an
| alternative solution.  


Users claim six month wait for SharePoint support

,----[ Quote ]
| One of the largest consulting firms focused on Microsoft technologies said
| SharePoint sometimes leads to management as well as technical challenges.
| Larry LeSueur, vice-president of infrastructure technology solutions at
| Avanade Canada, said many companies are looking at the Microsoft product as a
| collaboration aid without knowing what they're getting into. "The No. 1
| question I get from CIOs about Sharepoint is how to get it back under control
| because it's been implemented at a departmental level."      

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