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[News] MAFIAA Law and ACTA Receive Great Scrutiny

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New French law on Internet piracy meets skepticism

,----[ Quote ]
| President Nicolas Sarkozy's governing party rejoiced when it muscled one of 
| his pet projects through the French parliament: an unprecedented law to cut 
| the Internet connections of people who repeatedly download music and movies 
| illegally.   


Amendment 138 puts a spoke in ACTA 

,----[ Quote ]
| The political significance of the Telecoms Package Amendment 138 has been  
| raised a notch or two with the revelation that its fate will determine what 
| the EU will agree to in the ACTA - Anti-counterfeiting Trade Agreement.  



Litigation of High-Tech Patents

,----[ Quote ]
| While each patent dispute is unique, most fit the profile of one of a limited
| number of patent litigation stories. A dispute between an independent
| inventor and a large company, for instance, is often cast in “David v.
| Goliath” terms. When two large companies fight over patents, in contrast,
| they are said to be playing the “sport of kings.” Some corporations engage
| in “defensive patenting” in order to deter others from suing them. Patent
| licensing and enforcement entities who sue have been labeled “trolls.”
| Finally, observers of the patent system call the use of patent litigation to
| impose or exploit financial distress “patent predation.”


Golan Case May Put US In Violation Of International Copyright Treaties

,----[ Quote ]
| By limiting copyright restoration, the ruling might prevent the US from
| fulfilling its obligations under the Berne Convention and the World Trade
| Organization Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property
| Rights (TRIPS).


EFF sues Obama administration for promised access to secret copyright treaty

,----[ Quote ]
| Rebecca from the Electronic Frontier Foundation sez, "The U.S. government is
| still blocking the release of information about a secret intellectual
| property trade agreement with broad implications for privacy and innovation
| around the world, despite the Obama administration's promises to run a more
| open government. The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) could
| establish far-reaching customs regulations over Internet traffic in the guise
| of anti-counterfeiting measures, but no one knows for sure the state of this
| pact, as the government is hiding the details. EFF is calling on the feds to
| change their minds, and will keep fighting this in court."


European Commission On ACTA: TRIPS Is Floor Not Ceiling

,----[ Quote ]
| The EU Commission is “committed to improve the international legal framework
| for IP protection” and sees “ACTA as one way to reach that goal,” Devigne
| said. There was no intention to duplicate TRIPS. Rather, “we want to go
| beyond it,” he said, adding, “TRIPS is the floor, not the ceiling.”


The ACTA draft treaty is covering patent infringement

,----[ Quote ]
| Wikileaks has published some drafts of the secret ACTA treaty, which aims to
| give better guns to Patent Trolls. The draft mentions that it covers all the
| rights covered by TRIPS, so it will cover also patents.


Goodbye WIPO, Hello ACTA?

,----[ Quote ]
| What is really remarkable about this is that Greve can even be asking WIPO to
| consider free software and open standards: a few years ago, such a thing
| would have amounted to blasphemy.
|  Sadly, there is another sign that WIPO is becoming more accommodating to the
|  ideas behind free software: the fact that there seems to be a move to come
|  up with an alternative forum for promoting intellectual monopolies where it
|  will not be so easy to participate.


New ACTA copyright treaty dodges the UN, poor countries and activists

,----[ Quote ]
| Michael Geist sez, "The World Intellectual Property Organization may be best
| known for the Internet treaties that led to the DMCA, but in recent years
| groups like EFF, KEI, and Public Knowledge has helped to open things up and
| move toward a Development Agenda that better balances international
| intellectual property policy. That progress may be threatened by the
| Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, which officials now acknowledge is
| designed to exclude WIPO, developing countries, and NGOs."


Leaked ACTA Draft: More Power to the RIAA

,----[ Quote ]
| A recent draft of the controversial Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement
| (ACTA) surfaced on Wikileaks this weekend. Among other things, the draft aims
| to strengthen the power and rights of the entertainment industry and other
| copyright holders, by letting them choose how they want to be compensated for
| copyright infringements.


Classified US, Japan and EU ACTA trade agreement drafts, 2009

,----[ Quote ]
| The file presents US, Japan and EU drafts of the controversial international
| copyright and patent trade agreement, ACTA ("Anti-Counterfeiting Trade
| Agreement"). The documents were obtained by Wikileaks staff.

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