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[News] Free Software Comes to Non-Free Software Smackdown

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Open Source vs Proprietary Routing Rumble

,----[ Quote ]
| For Dave Roberts, VP strategy and marketing at Vyatta, the session was all 
| about calling out the proprietary vendors on price and choice. Both Cisco and 
| Juniper responded in kind during often heated exchanges that had the audience 
| laughing and gasping at the same time.    


Forrester's five phases of open-source success

,----[ Quote ]
| If you walk into the headquarters of open-source leader Red Hat, you'll see 
| this quote from Mahatma Gandhi gracing the wall: 
|     First they ignore you,
|     then they laugh at you,
|     then they fight you,
|     then you win.



Vyatta Open Source Routing and Security Software

,----[ Quote ]
| It has been a very long time since I had the chance to speak with someone
| from Vyatta about their open source routing and network virtualization
| technology. After rummaging through my files, it seems that the last time I
| spoke with them was in June 2007 (see Vyatta - changing the world of routers,
| firewalls and VPNs.)  They’ve been on my mind ever since and I’ve often
| spoken about their approach and their technology to Kusnetzky Group LLC
| clients.


Vyatta - a fortnight in review

,----[ Quote ]
| Well this is really simple, its managment interface (not the WebGUI) its
| awesome, some of our guys are cisco nuts, vyatta manages to deal with those
| guys - I have yet to dig into it too much but vyatta seem to have replaced
| bash with their own shell. The upshot of this ? you can type “configure” and
| it takes you into config mode like a cisco, it then will autocomplete router
| style commands like “run show bpg summary” its very clever - to really
| understand what i mean here try it.


Vyatta Aims Higher

,----[ Quote ]
| Belmont, Calif.-based open source router maker Vyatta has issued a flurry of
| press releases since the start of the year. The most significant news was the
| most recent: the release of its Community Edition 4.



Vyatta: A high-end Linux-based firewall and router

,----[ Quote ]
| Let's play a Linux word association game. Red Hat is to Microsoft as Vyatta
| is to Cisco.


Free x86 Linux router distro rev'd

,----[ Quote ]
| Vyatta Community Edition 2.2 ("Camarillo") features security and flexibility
| enhancements to the BGP (border gateway protocol) stack, and usability
| enhancements related to NAT (network address translation) and DHCP (dynamic
| host configuration protocol).  

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