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[News] First Impressions of Moblin v2.0 GNU/Linux Platform

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Moblin v2.0 beta for Netbooks and Nettops - It's here...

,----[ Quote ]
| The Moblin steering committee is happy to release the Moblin v2.0 beta for 
| Netbooks and Nettops for developer testing. With this release, developers can 
| begin to experience and work with the source code of the visually rich, 
| interactive user interface designed for Intel Atom based Netbooks. The Moblin 
| v2.0 user experience has been designed from the ground up to provide unique 
| ways to engage with the internet, aggregate your social networking activity, 
| and enjoy your media content. The new user experience and core applications 
| were developed using the Clutter animation framework, leveraging heavily from 
| GL and the physics engine.        


Moblin Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| All the conection options were in once place , bluetooth , wifi, wmax , and I
| think 3G and more 
| had a nice "social" feel to it with twitter and last.fm build in to the 
| welcome interface on boot 
| took a few screen shots but they don't express how impressed Iam


Moblin on the Classmate

,----[ Quote ]
| Based on Fedora, Moblin has been receiving a lot of very favorable reviews 
| and really does have some very impressive features. Most importantly, it’s 
| fast and responsive on minimal hardware and actually has a user interface 
| that lends itself to the tasks best-suited to netbooks. I won’t go into the 
| details as it’s been extensively reviewed elsewhere; suffice to say, the 
| interface is very cool if you aren’t looking for something that looks like 
| Windows.      


Moblin 2.0

,----[ Quote ]
| Moblin 2.0 looks nothing like Moblin 1.0. The GUI’s are completely different. 
| Moblin 1.0 has icons, uses Firefox’s minefield, and doesn’t change much from 
| the standard GUI. Moblin 2.0 has no icons at all, instead has something 
| similar to Apple’s launchpad; it also uses Google’s Chrome browser by 
| default. There are only around 8 things that can be clicked in this launchpad 
| interface. One of the most interesting being to me was the Twitter update 
| status tab. It’s also important to note that all of these main tabs 
| completely take up the window and cannot be resized or minimized, only closed 
| or opened.        



The Moblin V2 User Interface Is Very Impressive

,----[ Quote ]
| We first got excited for Moblin 2.0 back in January when seeing how fast this
| Linux distribution had booted on Atom-powered netbooks. This Fedora-derived
| distribution booted even faster with a newer development release that came
| out this past March. While Moblin 2.0 final is not yet released, there is now
| more to get excited over than just amazing boot times. Moblin 2.0 will
| introduce a Clutter-based user interface and from our initial encounters with
| this release, it is very impressive! In this article we have more information
| on this new UI along with screenshots and videos.


Hands-on: Intel brings rich UI to Moblin Linux platform

,----[ Quote ]
| Intel has unveiled the next-generation user interface of Moblin, the
| company's open source Linux platform for netbooks and mobile Internet
| devices. We tested it on real netbook hardware so that we could give you a
| detailed hands-on look.


Novell prepping Moblin version of SUSE

,----[ Quote ]
| As part of the agreement with Intel and Moblin.org, Novell will establish a
| Novell Open Labs group in Taiwan "to foster the adoption of Moblin," says the
| company. Novell also plans to work with the Taiwan Moblin Enabling Center
| (MEC), a joint venture between Intel and the the Taiwan Institute for
| Information Industry. Novell says it will join MEC's efforts to validate
| designs for Moblin compliance.


Intel to Turn Moblin Over to Linux Foundation

,----[ Quote ]
| Intel on Thursday plans to turn over the reins of its Moblin Linux-based
| platform project to the Linux Foundation, putting the work in neutral
| territory in the hopes of attracting more community support for it.
| The San Francisco-based Linux Foundation, a nonprofit advocacy group, will
| host the online community for Moblin on its Web site and take over
| stewardship of the project and its community, Jim Zemlin, executive director
| of the Linux Foundation said Wednesday.

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