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[News] Mobile Linux as Important (if Not More Important) Than Desktop Linux

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Open source must move from desktop to mobile

,----[ Quote ]
| Linux International executive director Jon ‘maddog’ Hall looks forward to a 
| time when users aren’t forced into ‘closed’ relationships with phone 
| providers.  



Analyst forecasts 900% Android phone sales growth

,----[ Quote ]
| Android-based smartphones will ship in massive numbers this year - at least
| compared to last year's total, market watcher Strategy Analytics has
| forecast.
| In its latest report, the firm predicted that Android smartphone shipments
| will increase a whopping 900 per cent during 2009 over last year. Shipments
| of Apple’s iPhone will grow 79 per cent this year, SA said.


T-Mobile to Launch Many Android Devices Later This Year

,----[ Quote ]
| T-Mobile USA is looking to introduce Android-based devices from three
| different manufacturers, Cole Brodman, chief technology officer of the
| company, said in a conversation with me earlier today. Android is a mobile OS
| developed by Mountain View, Calif.-based technology giant, Google.


T-Mobile to Use Google Software in Devices for Home

,----[ Quote ]
| T-Mobile is planning an aggressive push deep into the home with a variety of
| communications devices that will use Google’s new Android operating software
| that already runs one of its cellphones.


T-Mobile exec praises Android, attacks Windows

,----[ Quote ]
| Reinhard Clemens, chief executive of Deutsche Telekom subsidiary T-Systems,
| is quoted in Fierce Wireless as saying Android is "the first OS that enables
| the development of cellphone software without the need to change the code to
| support specific handsets", and claiming "Windows Mobile devours simply too
| much energy, and the user needs to be close to a power socket if they intend
| to use a Windows Mobile handset with the OS for any length of time".


T-Mobile Drops The Mother of All Bombshells - More G Series in ‘09!

,----[ Quote ]
| In a Fierce Wireless interview dated earlier today, T-Mobile let slip a real
| doozy.  Apparently the 4th largest carrier in the US is not going to rest on
| the laurels of the G1.


T-Mobile G1

,----[ Quote ]
| The first phone with Google’s Android operating system boasts excellent
| ergonomics and call quality, but it’s held back by the lack of such basic
| features as a standard headphone jack.

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