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[News] SAP Claims to Have Joined Open Source Supporters

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Interop: SAP CTO backs open source for the cloud

,----[ Quote ]
| "SAP is a big fan and supporter of open source," Sikka said.
| Now Sikka did not detail any specific open source project or efforts that SAP 
| may be involved in, but it's still interesting to note how supportive his 
| comment are of open source.  


Says the company that attacked -- not only ridiculed -- Free software and
lobbies for software patents in Europe. Maybe they can change. They do deploy
on GNU/Linux, much to Microsoft's regret.

Open Source Business Intelligence Scores Another Channel Win

,----[ Quote ]
| openbiForgive The VAR Guy if he sounds like Yogi Berra today, but our 
| resident blogger has deja vu all over again. The reason: The folks at OpenBI, 
| a systems integrator in Chicago, have scored yet another win promoting 
| Pentaho’s open source business intelligence software to customers. This is 
| becoming a familiar story for OpenBI and Pentaho’s channel. Here’s the scoop.    



SAP Teams With HP, IBM For Business Software Appliances

,----[ Quote ]
| SAP, as part of its effort to lure more midsize business customers, will
| introduce appliance-like systems pre-loaded with its ERP software, a
| database, and a Linux operating system, running on hardware from
| Hewlett-Packard or IBM.


Options increase as giants open up

,----[ Quote ]
| IN a move to boost the growing demand for SUSE Linux Enterprise, Novell says
| it has extended its partnership with SAP to offer enhanced options for
| customers who choose to run open source.  


Novell, SAP Work to Attract SMBs to SUSE Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Novell and SAP are out to get even the smallest SAP user running
| mission-critical applications on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.  
| Novell and SAP have announced that they will customize SAP's enterprise
| applications to work even more efficiently with SUSE Linux Enterprise and its
| associated virtualization and identity management technologies.  



SAP announces new partners for SME offerings

,----[ Quote ]
| The hardware for the prototype SAP is showing at CeBIT is provided by
| open-source software specialist Novell's SUSE Linux Enterprise.


SAP Contributes New Tool to Open Source Eclipse Developer Community

,----[ Quote ]
| As part of its commitment to support the open-source developer community, SAP
| AG today announced that for the first time it will contribute software
| development capabilities to the Eclipse community.  


The end of the proprietary database?

,----[ Quote ]
| While Packer does not believe that proprietary databases are doomed, he does
| see the writing on the wall in emerging markets and that the increased use of
| open source will eventually surround proprietary databases in established
| markets. Unless the proprietary suppliers respond they risk losing business
| in the long-term.    



,----[ Quote ]
| SAP is recommending SUSE as its preferred Linux platform, the stuff of which
| stacks are made, and Novell is going start being the first line of defense
| for people running SAP applications on SUSE.  


SAP certifies Netweaver for Red Hat Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| SAP's certification helps ensure full interoperability of Red Hat systems
| with all modules of SAP Netweaver, said Red Hat.


SAP Certifies Its Applications to Run on Red Hat Enterprise Linux Advanced

,----[ Quote ]
| All features included in Red Hat Enterprise Linux Advanced Platform,
| representing the ideal foundation for enterprise-critical server
| applications, fulfilled SAP's certification criteria.  

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