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[News] Many Mobile Linux Platforms Share Output, OpenMoko Opens Hardware Too

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Too many platforms?

,----[ Quote ]
| So where is the massive diversity in mobile platforms? Right now, there is 
| Android in smartphones, LiMo targeting smartphones, Maemo in personal 
| internet tablets and Moblin on netbooks. And except for Android, they are all 
| leveraging the work being done by projects like GNOME, rather than 
| re-inventing the wheel. This is not fragmentation, it is adaptability. It is 
| the basic system being tailored to very specific use-cases by groups who 
| decide to use an existing code base rather than starting from scratch. It is, 
| in a word, what rocks about Linux and free software in general.       


Openmoko involves the community in hardware development

,----[ Quote ]
| It seems Plan B has now been revealed as Openmoko is inviting the developer 
| community to not only tinker with the software and the casing design of the 
| open smartphone, but it's also now releasing the hardware design of the 
| FreeRunner (GTA02) for anyone to join in, under the codename gta02-core. The 
| aim is to develop a modified and completely open phone hardware for the 
| FreeRunner within the next six to twelve months.     



The Enlightened future of OpenMoko Linux mobile phones

,----[ Quote ]
| I met lead Enlightenment developer Carsten Haitzler in the exhibition hall at 
| the Southern California Linux Expo (SCALE) this past weekend. Carsten told me 
| about prospects for the future of Enlightenment and shared with me some 
| details about his work at OpenMoko, a division of FIC which is developing  
| Linux-based open-source mobile phone handsets. He sees a big future for Linux 
| in the mobile and embedded space and notes that Enlightenment, with its small 
| memory footprint, is ideal for deployment on such devices.     

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