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[News] Nortel Likes GNU/Linux Despite Microsoft Dealings

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Nortel choses Linux for $250 million routing platform

,----[ Quote ]
| "We believe Linux is the right OS for the entire architecture," McHugh said



SIP application server runs on Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Nortel announced a carrier-grade application server aimed at providers of
| broadband SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) voice and other IP-based
| services. The Nortel Adaptive Application Engine (AAE) runs on Red Hat
| Enterprise Linux (RHEL), and provides Web 2.0 services such as social
| networking along with IP voice and multimedia, says Nortel.



Nortel Pitches Networks Revamp For Virtualization

,----[ Quote ]
| Linux-based hardware appliance aims to optimize virtualization for datacenter
| deployment.
| [...]
| The Nortel switch is powered by Nortel's own enhanced version of Linux, which
| it said is a key part of enabling the platform's extensibility.


Nortel considers Linux desktops for its staff

,----[ Quote ]
| Nortel CIO Steve Bandrowczak, who joined the Canadian telecoms and network
| equipment vendor last July, said "more and more CIOs are looking at Linux
| desktop for reasons of TCO" and argued that the technology "is receiving the
| same level of attention today as when Linux started on servers."    


Nortel goes open source for unified communications

,----[ Quote ]
| Telephony has at last become an IT product, claimed Nortel as it announced
| SCS500, an open source-based unified communications suite for small and
| mid-sized businesses.  
| http://www.linuxworld.com.au/index.php?id=1289252852&rid=-50
| They just use open source, but seemingly give nothing back.
| Don't show me the money. Show me the CODE!
| A common statement with any business is "Show me the money". This is because
| of how businesses work. They work in terms of income verses outcome and they
| regard competition as market share and profit margins and feel free to
| include any other buzz words as you see fit.    
| [...]
| So the competition is there. The motivation is there. The reward is there.
| Even the money is there. All of this because someone said "Show me the CODE!"


Report: SEC to fine Nortel over accounting fraud

,----[ Quote ]
| U.S. securities regulators are planning to fine Nortel Networks up
| to $100 million for accounting fraud, Bloomberg reported on its
| Web site Friday.


Nortel Strong Arms Open Source Vendor

,----[ Quote ]
| What happens when a VoIP blog (yours truly) writes about the fact
| that a former Nortel subsidiary (Blade Network Technologies) went
| looking for a new phone system, chose an open-source Asterisk-based
| solution from Fonality instead of using Nortel's own PBX and then
| agreed to go on record on the VoIP & Gadgets blog about why they made
| such a shocking decision?
| A) Nothing - it's a VoIP blog - who cares? Nortel is an $11 billion
| dollar company that certainly doesn't read blogs for their news.
| B) Nortel reads the blog post, is a little peeved, but other than
| some emails sent internally, no one outside Nortel would ever know
| they were annoyed.
| C) A Nortel Board Member flips out over the article, contacts
| Blade and then pressures Blade to return the Fonality system and
| have Fonality print a retraction to the blog article (and the
| subsequent press release).
| If you answered C) congratulations, we have a winner!

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