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[News] Massive IIS Failure Becomes an Opprtunity for Apache Server to Gain

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Why are you not running Apache? New IIS holes should make you rethink your web

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| It has been a while since I have played with Apache, I will admit that. The 
| last time I used it, version 2.0 was the norm, and version 2.2 was just 
| coming out of beta. Today of version 2.2.11 is the current version. What got 
| me thinking about Apache was partially nostalgia and partially head banging 
| and continued frustration with government use of IIS, especially given the 
| exciting events this week.     


Microsoft IIS hole fells university server

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| Hackers have wasted no time targeting a gaping hole in Microsoft's Internet 
| Information Services webserver, according to administrators at Ball State 
| University, who say servers that used the program were breached on Monday  



Step-By-Step: Moving Your Server To Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Many of the steps to an Ubuntu Linux server setup are either trivial (e.g.,
| selecting a language) or similar to the desktop installation process (e.g.,
| choosing a time zone or providing information to set up a default user
| account). Others, however, are very different from the Ubuntu desktop setup
| process, and some require your careful attention.    


NSW Government job [IIS] website hacked

,----[ Quote ]
| Like you, I get masses of spam. I knew it wasn't from jobs.nsw.gov.au no
| matter how much it pretended to be. I deleted it figuring it was “just
| another” bit of junk mail, although I was surprised to find one purporting to
| be from the NSW Government job board; that was definitely a new one on me!
| Had I thought about it deeper I might have considered this was no ordinary
| spam. This time there was a direct relationship between how the spammers got
| my e-mail address and the organisation they purported to represent.
| It turns out the Department of Commerce has taken this whole incident very
| seriously indeed, and far more than common garden-variety spam would
| necessitate.
| If you visit the site jobs.nsw.gov.au you will see it is inaccessible, and in
| fact, has been for a week. A message advises that the system is down
| for “system maintenance.”

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