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[News] Applications That Make (Ubuntu) GNU/Linux a Champion

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10 Free Apps that Turn your Ubuntu into Video Studio

,----[ Quote ]
| Ubuntu has got some excellent FREE applications which can turn your PC into 
| Live Studio! Here I am highlighting top 10 free applications available to 
| make your PC into a Live Studio.  


Ubuntu Softwares - Not Just Another Top 5 List

,----[ Quote ]
| The popularity of linux has finally captured 1% of world desktops. then comes 
| the need for softwares. Personally, I am a Ubuntu linux user.Now, there are a 
| lot of top Ubuntu software posts available on the internet and all of them 
| narrow down to around 7 applications when combined. Not so cool!   


Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 142

,----[ Quote ]
| Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue #142 for the week May 10th - 
| May 16th, 2009. In this issue we cover: Karmic Koala Alpha 1 Released, 
| Landscape 1.3 released, Server Team: Hungry for Merges, Meta-cycles: Mark 
| Shuttleworth, Ubuntu Florida: Jaunty Release Parties & Qimo build day, Ubuntu 
| Forums: Tutorial of the Week, Infinote-based Gobby hits Karmic, New Ubuntu 
| Forums LoCo Administrator, Ubuntu podcast #28, WorkWithU Vodcast: Episode #1, 
| Server Team Meeting: May 12th, Hall of Fame: Ante Karamatic, and much, much 
| more!       



Linux s'il vous plaît: French Gendarmie say oui to Ubuntu

,----[ Quote ]
| The Gendarmie Nationale – France’s national police force – has been slowly
| introducing open source software to its 105,000+ policemen since 2005. In
| 2008 the decision was made to use only Ubuntu for all new workstations. A
| year on shows this has been a great success with happy users, a better
| network and cost savings of over seven million euro per year.

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