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[News] Newspapers and Sony Attack the Internet

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San Jose Mercury News: No One Reads Us Any More, So Let's Start Charging

,----[ Quote ]
| Media News, the current owner of the Merc, has announced that it's now going 
| to start charging for online access to the paper, which seems like a move 
| destined to fail dismally (and quickly).  


Sony Pictures CEO: Nothing Good Has Come From The Internet

,----[ Quote ]
| Perhaps part of the problem is the execs who work under him. Mathew Ingram 
| points out that at a recent panel discussion the CEO of Sony Pictures, 
| Michael Lynton, said: "I'm a guy who doesn't see anything good having come 
| from the internet. Period."    


Lawyers: To Save Newspapers, Let's Destroy Pretty Much Everything Else Good

,----[ Quote ]
| That would be a massive reinterpretation of copyright law, and would 
| effectively destroy much of what makes the internet useful. This proposal 
| would make it illegal to index the web. It would outlaw search engines. Yes,  
| for the sake of saving some outdated newspaper businesses, these lawyers wish 
| to make it so that before a search engine can index any website, it needs to 
| negotiate permission. This would kill the internet.     


Why Are AGs Targeting Craigslist Rather Than Newspapers Or Other Websites?

,----[ Quote ]
| With Craigslist caving on how it manages its "adult" ads, we've noted that 
| some politicians are still angry, despite having been a part of the group 
| that bought into the agreement Craigslist made with them six months ago.   



Why Are Newspapers Exploiting The People They Cover?

,----[ Quote ]
| When we recently wrote about yet another journalist complaining about how
| Google exploits their content, someone in the comments made a really salient
| point that should get wider exposure. If you go by the journalist's own
| logic, then the truth is that they are exploiting the newsmakers they cover.

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