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[News] City of Los Angeles Dumps Microsoft for Google

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Google defends Google Apps security

,----[ Quote ]
| The controversy centers on a plan by the City of Los Angeles to replace its 
| Novell GroupWise e-mail and Microsoft Office applications with Google Apps. 
| Under the $7.25 million plan, the city will transition about 30,000 users to 
| Google's e-mail and office productivity products by the end of December 2009.   



Google Chrome Apps â will they rival Microsoft Office?

,----[ Quote ]
| Are you one of the 1.75 million people using Google Apps to run your computer
| office needs? Itâs a bit doubtful when you think about it â 1.75 million
| doesnât even cover the Bay Area, let alone the rest of the U.S. It is a nice
| hefty number but it doesnât come close to Microsoftâs Office domination.
| Will the Google Apps take over anytime soon?


NZ Post: why we chose Google over Microsoft

,----[ Quote ]
| She was also drawn to Google Apps features, figuring they can yield a further
| $1 million saving by dint of productivity gains. While staff have document
| collaboration capability with todayâs Microsoft products, Google Apps makes
| it easier to share a file, or for more than one person, in more than one
| place, to work on a document. Google Apps will also see NZ Post use IM and
| desktop video (again, also available in Microsoft iterations) for the first
| time.

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