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[News] Massive US Optical Retailer Moves to Ballnux

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National Vision Chooses SUSE Linux Enterprise From Novell to Ensure Business
Growth and Meet Customer Needs

,----[ Quote ]
| Novell today announced that National Vision Inc., one of the largest optical 
| retailers in the United States, plans to use SUSE(R) Linux Enterprise Point 
| of Service to improve the performance, stability and uptime of the network of 
| 5,000 point-of-sale devices within its stores. With more than 500 retail 
| locations in 44 states, including America's Best Contacts & Eyeglasses and 
| Vision Centers at select Wal-Mart stores, SUSE Linux Enterprise Point of 
| Service will provide National Vision with an agile, reliable and 
| cost-effective operating system.       



REVIEW: SUSE Studio Is a Boon for Organizations Using Novell's Linux Distros

,----[ Quote ]
| SUSE Studio is a Web-based service for creating software appliances on
| Novell's family of SUSE Linux-based operating systems. SUSE Studio could
| prove very useful for any individual or organization that uses Novell's Linux
| distributions by easing complex customization tasks.


SUSE Studio: The Do-it-Yourself Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Linux is well known for being very customizable, but with SUSE Studio, things
| are taken to an entirely new level. Imagine taking a base template, building
| on top of it with your personal software choices, then configuring countless
| other aspects (even a SQL database), and then building it as a bootable ISO
| or VM. That's exactly what makes SUSE Studio so great.

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