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[News] MariaDB Gets Freer and Better Than Oracle MySQL

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XtraDB has been commited to MariaDB

,----[ Quote ]
| If you do not follow MariaDB development, I want to head up XtraDB has been 
| commited to MariaDB server and will be included in binary releases of MariaDB 
| (scheduled on end of August â September) as replacement of InnoDB storage 
| engine.   


Monty claims commercial MySQL license is too restrictive

,----[ Quote ]
| Monty Widenius, founder of MySQL, has said in a blog posting â "Thoughts on 
| Dual-Licensing Open Source Software" â that he recently became aware that Sun 
| Microsystem's OEM licence agreement for MySQL would restrict users who had 
| signed up for the commercial licence to the open source database from 
| modifying MySQL or using any forks of MySQL. According to Widenius "The basic 
| idea for our dual-licensing was this: if you bought a license then we waived 
| the GPL restriction that you have to redistribute your code as GPL" and that 
| the current version of the OEM licence goes against that principle to the 
| detriment of customers.        


Open sourceâs role in lowering the barriers to data warehousing

,----[ Quote ]
| Sunâs internal surveys indicate that data warehousing is the 
| fifth-most-common use case for MySQL, which explains why it is not just 
| Infobright that is looking to build a data warehousing business around MySQL.  


European Commission queries MySQL companies

,----[ Quote ]
| The European Commission is contacting users of MySQL in the run up to the 
| antitrust review of the Sun/Oracle deal. According to the Wall Street Journal 
| The antitrust review is set to report on September 3rd, .   



Q&A: Open Database

,----[ Quote ]
| Dr. Dobb's: What's MariaDB?
| Widenius: It's a community developed branch of MySQL with bug fixes and new
| features developed by the MariaDB community, of which Monty Program Ab is an
| active member. We will keep MariaDB in sync with MySQL development to ensure
| all bug fixes and features in MySQL also exists in MariaDB. At this time
| MariaDB 5.1 should be notable faster, have more features and have fewer bugs
| than the corresponding MySQL 5.1 release.


Thoughts about Dual-licensing Open Source software

,----[ Quote ]
| Note that releasing your code as BSD for a project that has or may have GPL
| code doesn't protect your code from being dual-licensed in an unfavorable
| way. The only way to ensure full freedom for others is to only donate your
| code under a contributor agreement with a clause as suggested below or to a
| project that has agreeable guidelines for how they license their code!
| To assure our users, contributors, and customers of how we at Monty Program
| Ab intend to re-license the code we produce or the code people donate to us,
| I have added the following note to our contributor agreement:
| "Monty Program Ab agrees that when it dual licenses code, it will not
| restrict the way the third party licensee uses the licensed copy of the code
| nor restrict how they use their own code."

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