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[News] Literature, Authoring, and Free Software

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Writing a book with the help of the Sakai free software community

,----[ Quote ]
| This article is about writing a book with the help of the free software 
| community. The book in question is Sakai Courseware Management with the main 
| authors being Alan Berg (Me myself and I) and Michael Korcuska, the executive 
| director of the Sakai Foundation. In reality, around forty community members 
| delivered valuable content, which the authors distributed strategically 
| throughout the book.     


The Official Ubuntu Server Book 



A Bridge Between Blackboard and Open Source?

,----[ Quote ]
| Blackboard, the dominant player in course management software, has the
| ability to inspire devotion and, for the more fervid open-source adherents,
| not a little contempt. So todayâs announcement may cause a stir among those
| more apt to liken Blackboard to the devil than a gentle giant: The company is
| partnering with Syracuse University to develop a way to integrate Blackboard
| with Sakai, one of the primary open-source alternatives.


Georgia Tech Contracts with Unicon to Develop CalDAV Support in Sakai

,----[ Quote ]
| It's thrilling to see support for another open standard in Sakai. Even more 
| impressive, though, is the leadership that Georgia Tech and Unicon are 
| showing in ensuring this project is built to benefit the entire Sakai 
| community,â said Michael Korcuska, executive director for the Sakai 
| Foundation. âIn the long run, I'm sure Georgia Tech will benefit from this 
| approach as more community members make contributions to advancing CalDAV 
| support in Sakai."      

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