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[News] OpenStreetMap.org in FLOSS Weekly, OSCON Summary from LWN

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FLOSS Weekly 81: OpenStreetMap.org

,----[ Quote ]
| OpenStreetMap.org, the provider of free and royalty-free geographic data.
| Guest: Steve Coast for OpenStreetMap.org


OSCON 2009: Governments and open source

,----[ Quote ]
| It is hard to have an overriding "theme" at an event as large as O'Reilly's 
| Open Source Convention (OSCON), but during the 2009 convention, one subject 
| that came up again and again was increasing the number of connections between 
| open source and government. There are three basic facets to the topic: 
| adoption of open source products by government agencies, participation in 
| open source project development by governments and their employees, and using 
| open source to increase transparency and public access to governmental data 
| and resources. Though much of the discussion (particularly in the latter 
| category) sprang from the new Obama administration's interest in open data 
| and government transparency, very few of the issues are US-centric: the big 
| obstacles to government adoption of open source technology are the same 
| around the world, from opaque procurement processes to fears about secrecy 
| and security.            



Post-OSCON roundup

,----[ Quote ]
| A lotâs happened in the few days since my keynote at OSCON and I think itâs
| time I did a round-up of women-in-open-source-related stuff from the
| conference itself and the not-quite-a-week since.
| Some wins for the conference:
| Â Â * Gina Blaber from OâReilly tells me that female attendance is up, and it
| Â Â looked that way to me. Iâd guess around 5%, which of course is still kind
| Â Â of appalling, but I think a bit higher than last year.
| Â Â * Proportion of female speakers is up to 8.9% (from 8.36% last year).
| Â Â Thatâs just based on actual numbers of people, not the talks they gave;
| Â Â it might be a smidge higher based on number of talks. A small
| Â Â improvement, but any improvement is good at this point.


2009 Google-O'Reilly Open Source Award Winners

,----[ Quote ]
| At this year's OSCON (O'Reilly Open Source Convention) event that took place
| last week in San Jose, California, Google announced the winners of its
| Google-O'Reilly Open Source Awards, which are given every year to the top
| contributors in various IT-related domains. Individuals that have shown
| exceptional dedication, leadership, innovation and have been actively
| contributing to open source development were rewarded in a ceremony in front
| of their peers.


OSCON 2009

,----[ Quote ]
| Iâd be hard-put to say whether OSCON or RubyConf is my favorite conference of
| the year; when I miss either Iâm grumpy. Hereâs a brief report from the
| latest San Jose instalment, with pictures.


Standing out in the crowd: my OSCON keynote

,----[ Quote ]
| If you werenât at OSCON this morning, here is what I spoke about in my
| keynote, Standing Out in the Crowd. Iâm including most of the key visuals, so
| my apologies for the image-heavy post. Iâll also be uploading to
| slideshare.net (with voiceover I hope) and Iâm told there will be video up at
| the OSCON blip.tv channel in due course. (ETA: itâs up.)


Open source conference likely back in Portland next year

,----[ Quote ]
| Organizers of a major open source technology conference said today there's
| a "good chance" they'll return the event to Portland next summer following
| one year in San Jose.
| The weeklong O'Reilly Open Source Convention spent six years in Portland
| before moving to California for the 2009 event, which wrapped up this
| afternoon. At the convention's closing address, in response to a question,
| organizers told attendees they would probably move the event back to Portland
| in 2010.


OSCON interview snippets

,----[ Quote ]
| OSCON 2009 is now drawing to a close, and, before we hop on a flight back to
| the UK, we spent an hour or two typing up just a few snippets from some of
| the interviews we conducted at the conference. So, if you'd like to read what
| Jacob Kaplan-Moss thinks about Google, what Jim Zemlin thinks about Larry
| Lessig, what Michael Tiemann thinks about lobbyists, what Stormy Peters
| thinks about KDE, what Evan Prodromou thinks about Miguel de Icaza and what
| Bradley Kuhn thinks about Mono, read on...


OSCON 2009 - Expo Hall


OSCON: Building Belonging (in communities)

,----[ Quote ]
| Jono suggests that "Stories are vessels of best practice." Whenever a
| community shares a story, it usually has a message attached to it--an
| anecdote that usually comes to some concrete point. Stories give community
| members a sense of purpose and belonging; he encourages people to tell
| stories in their communities.


OSCON so far

,----[ Quote ]
| OSCON has a major problem: Thereâs way too much to do! So far, this week has
| been chock full of excitement.
| Though not part of the âofficialâ OSCON program, the Community Leadership
| Summit started on Saturday. Lots of people from OSCON were in attendance, but
| also a fair number of people from communities that have nothing to do with
| open source. This was a pretty good mix. A few hundred people showed up
| Saturday morning, and a smaller crowed turned up Sunday.


Google O'Reilly Open Source Awards announced

,----[ Quote ]
| At OSCON 2009 in San Jose, California, Google announced the winners of this
| years Google O'Reilly Open Source Awards. The awards have been presented each
| year since 2005 to individuals for their "dedication, innovation, leadership
| and outstanding contribution to open source".

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