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[News] [Rival] It's No Longer Easy for Microsoft to Compete with GNU/Linux

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"It's easier for our software to compete with Linux when there's piracy than
when there's not."

                                --Bill Gates

Taking A Slingshot To Microsoft

,----[ Quote ]
| The owner of a small computer repair shop in Torrington has been going 
| toe-to-toe with Microsoft after the software giant accused Johnson last year 
| of selling pirated software and infringing on the companyâs copyrights and 
| trademarks.   
| [...]
| According to court filings, he sold the software to Patricia Ubran, a 
| Microsoft investigator who specifically asked him to buy a copy of Office 
| 2003 from e-Bay and install it on two computers for her because Office 2007 
| was too expensive.    



Microsoft admits the obvious but not the truth

,----[ Quote ]
| By contrast Linux is modular. A Linux client, whether a netbook or an Android
| phone, needs to run only those modules necessary to the function it is
| performing at that moment. Over time open source is just cheaper to support.
| And by linking clients to the cloud you centralize that support load, even
| monetize it.
| So you have competitors who can live on less food than you need, hardware
| evolving toward forms that must find a lower-cost form of support, and a
| possible breakthrough in business models that you canât seem to touch.
| The truth is that Microsoft Windows, and Microsoft itself, have become
| dinosaurs in a mammalian world. To compete Microsoft must evolve.


Microsoft Admits That Linux Desktop Elephant Exists

,----[ Quote ]
| It's no secret that Linux has had a major impact on Microsoft's server
| business, but Microsoft hasn't said much about the potential effects of
| desktop Linux. That changed recently when Microsoft admitted that Linux on
| desktops and notebooks poses competitive threats to its Windows client
| business.


Open source alternatives invade Microsoft's competitor list


Microsoft acknowledges competition from Canonical and Red Hat


Microsoft Hit by Open Source and Lawmakers

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft had to report a 30% slump in sales for the last quarter. Their
| report to the U.S. SEC includes a rundown of their risk and competition
| factors. Among their concerns are Linux and open source untertakings, but
| also their own partners HP and Intel.

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