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Re: [News] The Big Boys Are Upgrading to GNU/Linux

In article <2949030.M6Sepu9etk@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
 Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I Ditched Windows...and, So Can You
> ,----[ Quote ]
> | The Verdict â?? Linux serves 90% of my computer needs. Only on 
> | occasion must I boot into Windows. Fortunately, dual-booting is now 
> | a built-in Linux feature, so readers shouldn't be intimated if they 
> | don't know how to run two operating systems. Also, supposedly, 
> | there is Windows emulation software (such as Wine or Virtual Box), 
> | which may completely eliminate my need to boot into Windows â?? I am 
> | yet to figure out how to do this. Aside from these minor hiccups, 
> | my verdict is clear: Thumbs up, way up.
> |
> | Why Didn't I go Mac?
> |
> | 1). Its Expensive â?? Should Linux fail to meet my needs, I suppose I 
> | can sell a Kidney to buy a $1500+ laptop. But, I'd sooner avoid 
> | unnecessary expenses in this never-ending recession.
> |
> | 2). I still run some Windows-only programs.
> |
> | 3). I've lost confidence in Apple. Their fascist iphone app store 
> | approval system and continued reliance on Digital Rights Management 
> | (DRM) for Itunes makes me wary of adopting products that don't 
> | allow for flexibility.
> `----

Interesting that you didn't mention this part:

   The Bad â?? I still need Windows for a few programs. For instance, 
   Linux's Microsoft alternative, Open Office, works for basic needs, 
   but isn't truly backwards compatible with MS Office documents. If 
   Iâ??m working with an office document using any advanced features, I 
   use MS Office to ensure anyone I send the document to can read it. 
   Second, I've had some trouble viewing flash movies on the Internet 
   (a problem which has been rightly joked about). Last, Linux has not 
   passed the ultimate litmus test for user-friendliness: easy enough 
   for my parents to use.

He lists three problems with Linux that you and the other fake 
"advocates" repeatedly claim aren't real--people who say they have those 
problems must be trolls.

--Tim Smith

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