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[News] [Rival] Windows So Bad Microsoft Keeps People Ignorant About It

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5 Things Microsoft does not want you to know about Windows.

,----[ Quote ]
| Truth no 1
| You are paying way more than you are getting. This is a simple truth that 
| most users of Windows do not seem to appreciate. Why do you have to pay as 
| much as  $100 to get a license to use an OS which is bare to the bones? An 
| installation of Windows is just the first in a series of long processes to 
| make your computer useful. Your computer can in virtually all cases not be 
| used to do anything meaningful after a Windows installation until you have 
| installed numerous third party drivers and other utilities most of which you 
| would have to pay for separately. That is very much being short changed to 
| me.        
| Truth no 2
| You are never safe with Windows. The recent DDOS attacks on Twitter and 
| Facebook makes it very clear that if anything at all, Windows is a very big 
| threat to the future of the internet and  computing in general.  



Researchers expose Microsoft Vista's kernel security

,----[ Quote ]
| A security feature in the 64-bit version of Windows Vista can be easily
| circumvented with a free utility that loads unsigned drivers into the kernel,
| according to researchers at Symantec.  

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