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Re: Microsoft Trial Misconduct Cost $40 Million

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____/ nessuno on Friday 14 August 2009 16:56 : \____

> <Quote>
> The judge who banned Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) from selling its Word
> document program in the U.S. due to a patent violation tacked an
> additional $40 million onto a jury's $200 million verdict because the
> software maker's lawyers engaged in trial misconduct, court records
> reveal.
> In a written ruling, Judge Leonard Davis, of U.S. District Court for
> Eastern Texas, chastised Microsoft's attorneys for repeatedly
> misrepresenting the law in presentations to jurors.
> "Throughout the course of trial Microsoft's trial counsel persisted in
> arguing that it was somehow improper for a non-practicing patent owner
> to sue for money damages," Davis wrote.
> The judge cited a particular incident in which a Microsoft lawyer
> compared plaintiff i4i, Inc. to banks that sought bailout money from
> the federal government under the Troubled Asset Relief Program.
> "He further persisted in improperly trying to equate i4i's
> infringement case with the current national banking crisis implying
> that i4i was a banker seeking a 'bailout'," Davis said.
> </Quote>

How many "Trial Misconducts" is Microsoft never punished for?

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