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[News] Free Software Takes Paywalls Away from Lawyers

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Firefox Plugin Liberates Paywalled Court Records

,----[ Quote ]
| "If you want to access federal court records, you're often forced to use 
| PACER, a cumbersome, paywalled Web site run by the federal judiciary. My 
| colleagues and I at Princeton's Center for IT Policy have released a new 
| Firefox extension called RECAP that allows users to automatically upload the 
| documents they download from PACER into a public archive hosted by the 
| Internet Archive. It also saves users money by automatically notifying them 
| if a document they're searching for is available for free from the public 
| archive. Over time, we hope to build a comprehensive, free repository of 
| federal court records that's available to everyone."        


Recap The Law: Getting Public Legal Data Back To The Public

,----[ Quote ]
| There's been a push by people both inside and outside the government to get 
| public court documents out to the public. As it stands now, most court 
| documents can be found via PACER, the court system's own online service, 
| which charges $0.08 per page. PACER notes that it's charging for the 
| documents to cover its own costs of managing its system, but this still 
| bothers many who don't like the fact that important public domain case law is 
| so costly. There are some private services, like Justia trying to fill the 
| void, and Carl Malamud is pushing hard to get the government to put public 
| documents up for the public to read.         


Use RECAP To Bypass Court Document PACER Paywall

,----[ Quote ]
| If the RIAA canât stop music sharing, the U.S. government is going to have an 
| even harder time trying to stop the sharing of federal court documents hidden 
| behind a paywall. Those documents arenât protected by copyright law.  



Why Is Obama's Top Antitrust Cop Gunning for Google?

,----[ Quote ]
| Google is playing nice so far. Its public policy blog soothingly acknowledges
| regulators' concerns. "As Google has grown," it reads, "the company has
| naturally faced more scrutiny about our business principles and practices. We
| believe that Google promotes competition and openness online, but we haven't
| always done a good job telling our story." Schmidt is a regular presence in
| Washington; he served as a member of Obama's transition team and now sits on
| his technology advisory council. And publicly, Schmidt welcomes the
| oversight. "We understand the role here," he says. "We are not judge and
| jury."

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