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[News] House Analogy for Free Software versus Non-Free Software

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If Houses Were Like Proprietary Software

,----[ Quote ]
| OK, so these aren't particularly deep thoughts, and the analogy is a bit 
| strained. Still, it's not that daft in this brave era of business people 
| without conscience who see nothing wrong with exploiting us in every way 
| possible, by collecting, mining, and trading our personal data, and 
| micro-managing what we do with our own property that we have purchased. Look 
| at the latest offender, Palm, with their shiny new Palm Pre WebOS, complete 
| with spyware that phones home on the customer's dime. How nice to see Linux 
| used to abuse us, now that's innovation!       


Windows Spam on Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| I chuckled, of course, knowing that our computer is RHEL5 using Firefox 
| 3.0.x. But, being the 24/7 support person, I went upstairs. The odd thing was 
| that the screen behind the dialogue box looked very Windoze-like. I went to a 
| terminal window, and did a kill -15 on the firefox process. That killed it 
| right away, and it was only using 5% of CPU, so it couldn't have been too 
| evil.     
| I then did a find / -ctime 0 -print to see all of the changes/adds. 
| Interestingly, there were some .wine files in our /tmp, which would explain 
| the Windoze-like appearance. I am kind of curious now what the thing might 
| have tried to do had we agreed to download their anti-spyware.    



Are we too naive by believing that GNU/Linux is more secure by design?

,----[ Quote ]
| Now, there are people that say that it's just that GNU/Linux is less
| attractive to malware software because there are so few of us GNU/Linux
| users. I have always thought that this is crap but anyway....
| Now, think about the things that FLOSS developers get to do:
| - Crack encrypted DVDs
| - Allow for communication between Microsoft Windows hosts (with a twisted SMB
| protocol) and *NIX hosts before Microsoft (reluctantly... but with a lot of
| PR spin, as usual) released the documentation about it
| - Synchronize with iTunes
| - Running GNU/Linux on basically any piece of equipment worthy of running it
| (with or without support by the vendor).. and some others that aren't worthy
| but....
| - Brake every DRM mechanism ever built

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