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[News] Free Communication Already in Trouble

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5 Signs Our Broadband Plan May Already Be In Trouble

,----[ Quote ]
| As the government continues to work on crafting our first national broadband 
| plan, there's been a lot of talk about how that process is consumer-centric, 
| transparent, and data-driven. The FCC has spent the last few months talking 
| about how they might actually start using real data to make policy decisions 
| (astounding). Uncle Sam has unveiled a series of workshops to help consumers 
| feel involved in the process (amazing). The FCC even says they'll be using 
| more scientists and engineers and fewer lawyers and policy wonks 
| (incredible).       


Venezuela mulls tough media law

,----[ Quote ]
| A tough new media law, under which journalists could be imprisoned for 
| publishing "harmful" material, has been proposed in Venezuela. 


Fusion Center Encourages Improper Investigations Of Lobbying Groups And
Anti-War Activists 

,----[ Quote ]
| A Texas fusion center's âPrevention Awareness Bulletinâ made public last 
| night is the latest example of inappropriate police intelligence operations 
| targeting political, religious and social activists for investigation. The 
| North Central Texas Fusion System bulletin states that it is âimperative for 
| law enforcement officers to reportâ the activities of lobbying groups, Muslim 
| civil rights organizations and anti-war protest groups in their areas.          



South Korea Bans Anonymous Posting On Popular Websites

,----[ Quote ]
| In response, Korea has now passed a law that requires anyone posting on a
| site that has over 100,000 unique visitors a day to reveal their real names
| and national ID (found via Michael Scott). This seems quite extreme. There
| are certainly pros and cons to allowing anonymous speech, but it seems to go
| overboard to outlaw it completely on any relatively popular site.

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