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[News] GNU/Linux and Free Software Make Summit

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Enterprise LAMP Summit to Feature Global Open Source Thought Leaders

,----[ Quote ]
| Now, however, because of the maturity, velocity, security and scalability 
| achieved in particular by the LAMP stack (Linux, MySQL, PHP, Python and Perl) 
| and the training, certification and support offered by a solid array of 
| providers, many thought leaders believe that LAMP has proven its ability to 
| provide performance that CTOs at the worldâs largest enterprises can rely on 
| for global deployment.     


Mobile app dev unity debated

,----[ Quote ]
| Mobile software development proponents yesterday debated the merits of 
| framework and web approaches to combat the fragmentation developers face when 
| building applications for the multitude of handheld phones.  
| The proponents, serving on a panel at the OpenSource World conference in San 
| Francisco, also hailed open source as a mechanism to boost software 
| development for these devices.  



Atlassian's Summit, and its Freebies for Open Source Developers

,----[ Quote ]
| In Oliver Marks' post, you can watch a 6-minute video showing a portion of
| Atlassian CEO Mike Cannon-Brooke's keynote address at the Atlassian Summit.
| It illustrates how Atlassian has made good use of OpenSocial for extending
| applications.
| Jira (shown below, with a tour online here) is Atlassian's flagship product,
| and is a bug and issue tracker aimed at developers. FishEye is the company's
| web interface into source code repositories. Bamboo automates the process of
| source code compiling and testing. Confluence is Atlassian's enterprise wiki
| and collaboration product.

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