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[News] Video Editing and Cooking Done with GNU/Linux and Free Software

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OpenShot â Video Editing Made Simple

,----[ Quote ]
| Desktop Linux isnât necessarily the first platform youâd think of going to 
| for video editing. Despite that, there are several great projects that offer 
| video editing functionality; things like PiTiVi, Cinelerra and Kino to name 
| just a few.   


Get Cooking With These Open Source Recipe Management Apps

,----[ Quote ]
| Gourmet Recipe Manager - Collect and organize recipes with this software, 
| then use it to automatically generate shopping lists from the menus you 
| select. Gourmet Recipe Manager also tracks nutritional information, import 
| recipes from other apps, and exports in several different formats.   



Top 10 Free Video Editors for Ubuntu Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| I earlier wrote about ÂTop 5 BitTorrent Clients for Ubuntu Linux, 7 Awesome
| 3D Graphic Design Applications for Linux and 23 Free Ubuntu Linux Login
| Screens. Today Iâm going to write about some of the best Video editing tools
| for Ubuntu Linux because Linux itself doesnât offer any default or built-in
| video editor application but there are tens of third party software for Linux
| you can use to add effects to your videos and do a lot more.


Apple eats video editing jobs

,----[ Quote ]
| Well, yes indeed. Step forward Object Matrix and its MatrixStore. It's a
| clusterable set of nodes, three at a minimum, with each node having up to
| 24TB of SATA disk storage (1TB drives) and Linux x86 server running the
| MatrixStore software. The capacity is no problem for now as a 50x4TB node
| setup has been tested and the company says 24TB nodes would work just as
| well, meaning a 1.2PB cluster is feasible.
| Object Matrix is primarily a software company and makes its technology
| available, in the UK only at present, as an integrated hardware and software
| product with Linux cluster nodes or as software only for Mac OS nodes.


7 Free Open Source Video Editors For Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Avidemux is a free video editor used mainly for simple cutting, filtering and
| encoding tasks. It is often dubbed as the VirtualDub for Linux as it can do
| many things that VirtualDub can do. It supports many files types, including
| avi, DVD compatible mpeg files, mp4, asf and even the not-so-common ogm and
| matroska format.
| Some of the useful features of Avidemux include a simple WYSIWYG interface,
| easy conversion from one format to another, plenty of filtering effects and a
| built-in subtitles processing capabilities.


KDE 4 Video Editor Kdenlive Released

,----[ Quote ]
| The promising nonlinear video editor Kdenlive has made its first non beta for
| KDE 4, version 0.7 is on us. This closes another gap of the free desktop
| world: a usable open source video editor. Kdenlive has the potential to
| become the Amarok or K3b of video editors, offering comfort and elegance so
| far not available in alternative programs. The feature set looks amazingly
| complete and far exceeds the KDE 3 version already. Check the release
| announcement.


Video Editing in Linux: Kino v Open Movie v KdenLive

,----[ Quote ]
| Out of the 3 programs previewed, I liked Kdenlive the best, but not having
| the Title show up was a real bummer. Kdenlive could eventually become my
| editor of choice by the time it gets to 1.0 status. The trick is going to be
| to keep the development moving and thus keep my interest alive. This type of
| progression is what has helped Linux reach critical mass as desktop choice.

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