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[News] Leaner MySQL Coming, Many More 'Flavours' Develop

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Drizzle for Christmas - year-end-prediction for MySQL fork

,----[ Quote ]
| A production ready version of the MySQL fork Drizzle could be ready by the 
| end of this year. 


Understanding the MySQL forks

,----[ Quote ]
| I put together the following diagram to explain what the origin of the 
| current MySQL forks and deltas looks like... 



The MySQL Librarian Initiative

,----[ Quote ]
| The MySQL Librarian initiative is very young, at the moment there are about
| 200 items, 130 of them are presentations, 30 videos plus pictures and books.
| Six months from now Iâll ping Giuseppe to know how it goes.


Charity, open source, and happiness

,----[ Quote ]
| A few months back Arthur Brooks, president of the American Enterprise
| Institute, delivered an address (audio here) at my alma mater, Brigham Young
| University, titled "Why Giving Matters." While focused on charitable giving
| and its multiplicative value on a nation's gross domestic product (GDP), it
| also tells us a lot about why developers contribute to open-source projects.


What Oracle gets with MySQL

,----[ Quote ]
| MySQL, in other words, is a great example of how Oracle can make open source
| pay. MySQL is much more like Oracle than I originally thought.


Interview: Karen Tegan Padir, MySQL VP, On This Week's MySQL Conference

,----[ Quote ]
| OStatic: What do you think are the biggest barriers to adoption of open
| source in business? Lack of support? Lack of evangelism and marketing? Lack
| of training?
| I don't think it's any of those things, I just think it's just a matter of
| time. I worked at Red Hat for several years. When I worked there,
| conventional wisdom said that Linux was a toy, that it wasn't reliable or
| ready for mission-critical deployment. People sure aren't saying that
| anymore!

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