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[News] K Desktop Environment Grows Up and Takes Feature Requests from Users

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kmymoney 1.0, positioning 

,----[ Quote ]
| Once again: cheers to the KMyMoney devs and I hope you all managed a small 
| celebration to commemorate your milestone and the great gift you have 
| delivered to the world! :)  


on feature requests

,----[ Quote ]
| The source of the material was a thread on the kde-devel mailing list where 
| feature additions for KDE 4 was brought up, and in particular features that 
| were in KDE 3 that are not in KDE 4.  
| [...]
| I want to see the good ideas float to the top and get the attention they 
| deserve (e.g. implementations) and the good ideas that need to be prioritized 
| for later still get the attention they deserve so nobody feels neglected.  



Korona Brings KDE 4.3 To OpenSolaris

,----[ Quote ]
| While Sun Microsystems puts their weight behind the GNOME desktop environment
| for Solaris and OpenSolaris, there are developers that do work on providing a
| quality experience for KDE on OpenSolaris. However, getting KDE to run on a
| clean OpenSolaris installation can require building KDE from source and
| taking various other steps. Fortunately, for KDE fans, there is now the
| Korona distribution, which brings KDE 4.3 as the default desktop environment
| to an OpenSolaris stack.


LiveCD with KDE 4.3.0

,----[ Quote ]
| David Palacio prepared a KDE 4.3.0 livecd with help of the pkg-kde and
| live-helper teams. You can download it via BitTorrent, fetch the Torrent file
| from here!.


First Look: KDE 4.3.0 - A smooth desktop experience

,----[ Quote ]
| On the 4th of August, 2009, the KDE community released KDE 4.3.0, delivering
| its user base the first iteration of this next-generation KDE desktop
| environment. It boasts a modern and beautiful desktop, with over 10,000 bugs
| fixed and close to 2,000 features implemented over the older versions, such
| as the more buggy KDE 4.2.


KDE 4.3 âCaizenâ Review

,----[ Quote ]
| That probably covers the main features in the release especially the ones
| Iâve liked. Overall its is stable and the KDE developers themselves have
| said â âKDE 4.3 offers a more stable and complete product for the home and
| small office.â I think this was the release we were all waiting for in terms
| of stability and features as well.


Hands-on: KDE 4.3 delivers a Social Desktop

,----[ Quote ]
| KDE 4.3 was released this week with a number of intriguing improvements. Ars
| test the new version, which introduces KDE's Social Desktop initiative, an
| effort to bring social networking integration to the popular desktop
| environment.


KDE Community Delivers Incremental Innovations With New KDE 4.3 Release

,----[ Quote ]
| The KDE Community today announces the immediate availability of "Caizen",
| (a.k.a KDE 4.3), bringing many improvements to the user experience and
| development platform. KDE 4.3 continues to refine the unique features brought
| in previous releases while bringing new innovations. With the 4.2 release
| aimed at the majority of end users, KDE 4.3 offers a more stable and complete
| product for the home and small office.


A first look at KDE 4.3

,----[ Quote ]
| If you've been avoiding KDE 4 because of that, or other issues, it's finally
| time to give it a try. I think you'll find, as I have, that this new KDE is
| finally ready to compete with its older sibling KDE 3.5.11 and GNOME 2.26 for
| anyone's Linux desktop.

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