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Re: Interesting domain registration

Verily I say unto thee, that RonB spake thusly:
> Black Dragon wrote:
>> Moshe Goldfarb wrote:
>>> On Thu, 20 Aug 2009 14:34:29 +0000 (UTC), Black Dragon wrote:

>>>>> Let's see if Novell, which has been informed, is going to sue
>>>>> Schestowitz for damaging their reputation and good name.

Novell have a "good name" for signing a pact with one of the world's
most reprehensible companies, as demonstrated in court on several
occasions. How exactly is it possible to further "damage" that?

>>>> Highly unlikely. Business views such people as cranks

Businesses sympathetic to Microsoft, certainly.

In fact, it seems businesses have a considerably poorer opinion of
Microsoft's CEO, than they have of its detractors:


>>>> who do a much better job discrediting themselves than the
>>>> targets of their venom.

Expressing outrage at Microsoft's profoundly unethical (and often
illegal) behaviour, and those who help them in these endeavours, is
neither unwarranted nor irrational - any more than it's unwarranted or
irrational to criticise any other criminal or immoral behaviour.

The only cranks spitting venom here, are those who choose to ignore
Microsoft's behaviour, and attack its detractors instead, thus
demonstrating a level of moral bankruptcy that does far more to
discredit Microsoft's supporters, than the supposed damage its
detractors do by rightfully criticising Microsoft and its supporters.

Was the US government's Department of Justice just a bunch of "cranks"?
Was the Iowa District Court for Polk County? Is the European Commission?

Mindless Microsoft supporters need to take a look around and ask who are
the /real/ 'cranks' here - the so-called "haters", or the morally
deficient and brainwashed Microsoft fanatics.

>>> Schestowitz's main concern should be the employees and 
>>> ex-employees of Novell and Microsoft, many of whom he has pissed 
>>> off. They are already making trouble for him and it's about to
>>> get a lot worse.
>> Perhaps.

No doubt about it. Microsoft and its army of minions will certainly
expend a lot of effort and resources trying to silence Roy. The more
they do so, however, the more they expose themselves for the thugs they
are. Meanwhile, those embarrassing details Microsoft would dearly love
to be buried in a deep hole somewhere, continue to be exposed in detail
on a daily basis.

Here's a 3GB archive of some "details" they tried* (and failed) to bury:


* http://www.theregister.co.uk/2007/02/20/microsoft_missing_archive/

>> What comes around goes around.

Yes, I'm ever hopeful that full justice will be served against Microsoft.

>> 10-20 years down the road, or sooner

Much, much sooner, I hope.

>> chances are quite good boycottnovell as it exists today will come
>> back to haunt them.

It seems to be haunting certain people quite effectively /now/.

> Are you two obsessive, or what?

The fact that any Microsoft supporters would bother posting to COLA at
all, indicates that they clearly have an unhealthy obsession.

Of course, supporting gangsters like Microsoft is a rather unhealthy
obsession in its own right.

Seeking justice against those gangsters might just as easily be
described as an obsession, although as obsessions go - it's far from
being unhealthy.


| "Seek not the favour of the multitude; it is seldom got by honest
|  and lawful means. But seek the testimony of few; and number not
|  voices, but weigh them." ~ Immanuel Kant

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